CABA: expenses increased below inflation in November

The expenses experienced an increase in 11.43% in November in the city of Buenos Aires and accumulated an increase of 125% between January and last monthwhich translates into a growth lower than the inflation measured by the INDEC.

The data arises from a survey of the platform Open Consortium, used by building managers. In this way, the last month’s update was below the general price level of 12.8% monthly and 160% accumulated.

Inflation: food and non-alcoholic beverages were the products that increased the most in November

“The average expense in buildings without including debts in CABA corresponding to November was $76,418 and in October it was $68,574. If it is compared with the November 2022 expense, of $30,092, the year-on-year increase is 153.94%“, highlights the portal report.

At the same time, the analysis points out that of the 7,000 consortia that use management software in the Buenos Aires provinceaverage maintenance expenses reached $31,052, experiencing a increase of 13.65% monthly and 125.21% since January. The jump against November 2022 escalated to 153.07%.

How much did expenses rise in the provinces?

At the same time, the report emphasizes that in Cordova the average ballot reached $27,237 last month. “In October it was $25,174, so the increase is 8.19% and the accumulated from January to November is 111%. If the expense for November of this year is compared to that of November 2022, the increase is $11,599. year-on-year is 134.82%“, Add.

For their part, the santafecinos They paid an average of $29,148which meant an adjustment of 19.05% in the month of 134.19% accumulated and 173.61% compared to the same period last year.

In Between riversthe expenses in buildings without including debt were $14,945 and grew well below monthly inflation at a rate of 2.02%. In the year he accumulates almost 121% and the annual jump is 177.89%.

Inflation rose again in November

The inflation November recorded an advance of 12.8%, marking an increase year-on-year of 160.9% and accumulate a increase of 148.2% until the eleventh month of 2023, as reported by INDEC in the last few hours.

Despite setting a new record in 32 years, it would be a statistical floor in the face of the price acceleration that private consultancies calculate for December, anticipating the devaluation of 118% that the government applied Javier Milei.

In this sense, last month’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) grew 4.5 percentage points in relation to the October measurement, when it had returned 8.3% after peaks of 12.4% and 12.7% in August and September respectively.


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