Brussels proposes to advance 3,400 million regional funds for the reception of Ukrainian refugees


The European Commission has proposed this Wednesday to advance 3,400 million euros provided for in the territorial cohesion funds for the reception of Ukrainian refugees in the European Union.

These funds, initially designed for the economic recovery of the regions of Europe after the coronavirus crisis, will serve to inject liquidity into the countries neighboring Ukraine and which are receiving the bulk of the 3 million refugees fleeing the war in their country. .

The proposal is to increase pre-financial instruments from 11 per cent to 15 per cent for all Member States and to go up to 45 per cent for the frontline countries: Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia as well as for Bulgaria, Austria, the Czech Republic and Latvia due to the large volume of people welcomed, greater than 1 percent of their population.

“We are with the people of Ukraine and we will continue to support the member states in welcoming those fleeing the war”, assured the Commissioner for Cohesion, Elisa Ferreira, who has highlighted the solidarity shown by the member states and society European civilian.


In another initiative to support the reception of Ukrainian refugees, the Community Executive has opened up to mobilizing funds to assist European citizens who welcome refugees from the war in Ukraine into their homes.

In the long term, Brussels promises to use regional funds to help those affected by the conflict have a home and, in this way, the purchase and adaptation of spaces to welcome the Ukrainian community will be covered, prioritizing families with minors, disabled or elderly people.

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