British Conservatives open a schism on restrictions after the resignation of the minister for Brexit

MADRID, Dec 19 (.) –

The decision of the British Minister for Brexit, David Frost, to resign, in part due to the debate on the imposition of new restrictions on the spread of the coronavirus, has ended up opening a deep fracture within the Conservative Party and nicked as never before trusted British Prime Minister Boris Johnson among his own ranks.

Frost, according to ‘The Guardian’, had voiced in recent weeks about his concerns about tax increases and the reimposition of restrictions, and had spoken out against an increase in national insurance to pay for health and welfare costs . British concessions during the Brexit negotiations were also a key factor.

For the ‘number two’ of the opposition Labor Party, Angela Rayner, the news reveals “a government immersed in absolute chaos when the country faces a few weeks of uncertainty.” “Boris Johnson is not valid for the position. We deserve better than these antics,” Rayner posted on Twitter.

In principle, Frost planned to leave his post at the end of January, quietly. However, the leak of his resignation has forced him to advance events. In a letter published Saturday night, Frost declared himself “disappointed” by the leak of his intentions and “under the circumstances, I think it is right for him to write to resign with immediate effect.”

In the same letter, Frost expressed his wish that the United Kingdom become a country with “low taxes and light regulations”, an unequivocal sign of the economic impact that the pandemic has caused in the United Kingdom, right now immersed in a new wave fueled by the omicron variant, which this Saturday already left 10,000 new cases in the country; one in ten new infections daily.

This situation led the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to declare the state of alert in the British capital on Saturday, while this Sunday the Minister of Health, Sajid Javid, told Sky News that the Government has not yet contemplated new restrictions but he would be willing to do it “with the data in hand”.

Javid took the opportunity to regret the attitude of the anti-vaccines by saying that “it is impossible to insist more on the damage they are causing” after remembering that nine out of ten new admissions from coronavirus are people who have not received the injection.

“They really have to think about the damage they are doing to society by occupying hospital beds that could have been used for someone with perhaps a heart problem, or perhaps someone who is waiting for surgery,” he lamented.

Meanwhile, there are more leaks that reveal the internal conflict that conservatives are going through. Without going any further, this same Sunday Sky News reports that the head of Culture of the British Government, Nadine Dorries, has been expelled from a chat of deputies on the WhatsApp application for defending Johnson’s work.

“He is the hero who got Brexit,” Dorries wrote before being kicked out of the group by the deputy and now deputy to the leadership of the coronavirus recovery group, Steve Baker. “Okay now,” Baker wrote after expelling her.


Johnson thus ends a fateful week, also marked by the defeat of this Thursday in the local elections in the county of North Shropshire, a seat the Conservatives had preserved for almost two centuries.

The victory fell to Helen Morgan, Liberal Democrat candidate, who has not only reversed the more than 20,000 votes difference that led to the victory of the Conservatives in the previous elections, but has also taken 4,000 votes away from the Tory candidate, Neil Shastri-Hurst (17,957 vs. 12,032).

The off-calendar elections were also called after the seat’s former occupant, former Northern Ireland minister Owen Paterson, resigned amid a corruption scandal.

Johnson’s weakness was the predominant theme in Morgan’s triumphant speech. “The party is over,” he proclaimed to his supporters, referring to yet another scandal that has haunted the prime minister in recent days: a controversial meeting with his employees during the height of restrictions that prevented personal meetings.

From the Conservative party, the defeat was received with a different level of alarm. Although the party president, Oliver Dowden, has acknowledged that the result is “a beating and a loud and clear message even though it is not a momentous event,” Conservative MP Roger Gale warned that Johnson is completely unprotected right now: “A more and go away. He is asking for the last round, because these elections have been a referendum on his performance, “Gale told BBC Radio 4.

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