British celebrity Ghislaine Maxwell refuses to testify in defense of Epstein case

MADRID, Dec. 18 (.) –

The British celebrity, Ghislaine Maxwell, accused of six counts of sex trafficking for facilitating underage Jeffrey Epstein in the high society parties that the tycoon celebrated, has refused to testify this Friday, a decision that paves the way to give for The trial has ended after hearing the final arguments, scheduled for this Monday.

The judge of the federal court of the southern district of New York, Alison J. Nathan, has asked Maxwell to appear in court, in response to which she has decided to remain silent and decide not to call any more witnesses.

“Your Honor, the government has not proven your case beyond a reasonable doubt, so there is no reason for you to testify,” Maxwell responded to the jurors while he was with his lawyer, Bobbi Sternheim, ending to his legal defense team after calling dozens of witnesses who have testified on his behalf in the last three weeks.

Prosecutors have kept the case narrowly focused on Maxwell’s interactions with four girls between 1994 and 2004, at which time the British celebrity reportedly had a romantic relationship with Epstein. Later, he would start working for him, according to ABC News.

Maxwell’s legal team, led by Bobbi Sternheim, has defended Maxwell’s innocence and presented him as a government-led scapegoat, as they have argued throughout the case, they have failed to bring Epstein to justice. after learning of his suicide in prison in August 2019 while awaiting his sentence. On the suicide, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP, for its acronym in English) said in November that Epstein’s hanging could have been avoided after presenting a report that detailed a series of irregularities committed by officials of the prison system.

Maxwell, daughter of businessman Robert Maxwell, owner of the British newspaper ‘The Daily Mirror’, has triple nationality – British, American and French – and faces six charges for sexually trafficking adolescents and young people.


At the beginning of December, one of the four women who accused Maxwell of sex trafficking, claimed in the trial to have been “caught” by the British when they introduced him to the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, at the age of 14.

The victim, under the pseudonym ‘Jane’, has said that she met former President Trump in the 1990s at Mar-a-Lago, his mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, and that she participated in a 1998 children’s beauty pageant linked to to various Trump companies. He also revealed that he was on one of Epstein’s famous flights with Prince Andrew of England.

This episode was confirmed at trial by the veteran pilot of Epstein’s private plane, Larry Visoski, who admitted to meeting ‘Jane’ on one of those flights, although he has denied that he knew how old he was at the time, details NBC.

These flights became the target of media scrutiny when it was published that illustrious figures such as Prince Andrew, former President Bill Clinton, Trump himself or his lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, would have traveled on them.

“Jane” has told the court that Epstein regularly abused her in his mansions in Palm Beach, New York and on his ranch in New Mexico. “They did despicable things to me and I would not want to continue talking about them,” he said.

He has testified that he met Epstein and Maxwell at summer camp, his father just passed away, and the situation at home was not good. “My family had money problems” and Epstein paid some bills, while the defendant acted like “an older sister” while “trafficking” with her.

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