Bosnia and Herzegovina: Many Bišćans said goodbye to the citizens of Prijedor, whose funeral will be held tomorrow

The column with the remains of the victims of Prijedor left today from the Šejkovac Identification Center in Sanski Most and will pass through most towns in Krajina, and the arrival in Kamičane in Prijedor is planned at 8 pm, reports Anadolu.

The motorcade also passed through Bihać, where many citizens gathered to see off the remains of two murdered citizens of Prijedor, pay their respects and put a flower on the vehicle.

“We are organizing this tour through the municipalities and cities of the Bosnian Krajina for the third year. First of all, the citizens asked to be allowed to go out, show their respect and bow before the victims. In addition, this is a unique and the best way to remember the serious crimes that took place happened in the valley of Una and Sana and let’s send a universal message of civilization, so that it never happens again to anyone,” said Mujo Begić, head of the Regional Office of the Institute for Missing Persons (INO) in Bihać.

The funeral for the two victims from Prijedor and the Sana Valley will be held on July 20 in Kamičani, and it will be led by the reisul-ulema of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina Husein ef. Kavazović.

The Organizing Committee of the joint funeral notes that the victims of Prijedor were “Srebrenica in 1992”.

“More than 3,000 people were killed in Prijedor alone. Our obligation to all those who lost their lives at that time is to remember them and commemorate their suffering, and July 20 is a symbol of the suffering of Bosniaks and Croats in the municipality of Prijedor. The organizer of the activity is the Islamic Community, and an increasing number of institutions are getting involved in that process,” said Mehmed ef. Kudić, mufti of Bihaćki.

The remains of the two victims are ready for burial at the collective funeral, which will be held on July 20 at the Kamičani Memorial Center in Kozarac.

These are victims who were killed in 1992 in the area of ​​Prijedor, and their remains were exhumed during the discovery of the Hrastova Glavica and Jakarina Kos mass graves.

Ferid (Hamdija) Sikirić was born in 1960 in Hambarine in Prijedor. He was killed in 1992 in the Omarska camp, and his remains were exhumed in 1998 from the Hrastova Glavica mass grave and will be buried in the Hambarine martyr’s cemetery.

Izet (Adem) Mešić was born in 1960 in Prijedor, and disappeared in May 1992. His remains were exhumed in 2001 at the Jakarina Kos site, and will be buried at the Skela Martyr’s Cemetery.

“So far, we have found the remains of the murdered citizens of Prijedor in 503 locations, of which 73 are mass graves. We have found the remains in three states, in ten different municipalities, which speaks of the scale of the crime. We are still looking for 470 people, or 15 percent of 3,176 of them are listed on the missing persons register in Prijedor. These are the most serious war crimes, such as a group of 30 women and children from the area of ​​the settlement Zecovi, who were systematically and plannedly killed, and the crime was then covered up. That is why this year we will to bury a small number of people,” said Begić.

The convoy with the remains of the victims who will be buried on July 20 left the Identification Center in Šejkovac and passed through Sanski Most, Ključ, Bosanski Petrovac, Bihać and headed towards Bosanska Krupa, Bosanska Otoca, Novi and Prijedor.

The third bicycle marathon “Bihać – Kozarac” started from Bihać to Kozarac, in which about 50 cyclists from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina took part.

“After the 19th Marathon Bihać – Srebrenica, today we drive for the third time to Kozarac, with the same mission so that it is not forgotten and not repeated to anyone. With this drive, we are keeping from forgetting the serious crimes that happened in Prijedor in the summer of 1992,” said Ermin Lipović, organizer of the Cycling Marathon “Bihać – Kozarac”.

The religious program will start tomorrow in Kozarac at 12 noon. Noon prayer is at 1 p.m., and funeral prayer at 1:30 p.m., which will be followed by the transfer of the coffin to the cemetery and burial.

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