Borrell: The European Union should intervene if civilians are threatened in Ukraine


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Brussels/ Anatolia

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, said that the Union should intervene if civilians in Ukraine are endangered, as happened in Afghanistan in the past months.

This came in a speech during his participation Tuesday in a symposium entitled “Europe in Danger”, in which he described the Russian military build-up on Ukraine’s borders as the biggest challenge facing the European Union since the Cold War.

Borrell referred to the “Strategic Compass” project, which he formulated himself, explaining that it includes 4 main headings, and it consists of 35 pages.

He added that it includes strengthening the role of the European Union in managing crises, strengthening its defense capacity, ensuring resistance to crises, and establishing partnership relations with third countries.

He explained that in the event of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the European Union should intervene to save civilian citizens, as happened in Afghanistan last summer.

And he added: “For this reason, the strategic compass proposes the formation of a force of 5,000 soldiers to intervene quickly in crises.”

Recently, Western countries accused Russia of amassing its forces near the Ukrainian border, while Washington threatened to impose sanctions on Russia if it “launched an attack” on Ukraine.

For its part, Russia rejected the accusations about the movements of its forces inside its territory, and denied the existence of any “aggressive” plans it had towards Ukraine.

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