Border Drone: Madinah China drone enters Indian territory from Pakistan.


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The Border Security Force (BSF) has said that a drone coming from Pakistan was shot down in the Amritsar sector of Punjab.

Made In China Drone

‘Made in China’ drone to India: Punjab (PunjabAmritsar ()Amritsar) Border Security Force says it shot down a drone coming from Pakistan in the sector (BSF) Revealed. According to BSF officials, the Madinah China drone entered Indian territory at around 1.15 am near Dhano Kalan village in Amritsar sector. BSF personnel deployed along the international border heard the sound of a flying object and fired it according to standard operating procedure. Police cordoned off the area and immediately provided information to other security agencies.

Security forces said they had conducted a thorough inspection of the area. At around 6.15 am, the search team seized a black ‘Made in China’ quadcopter (drone), model DJI Matrix-300 near Dhano Kalan village. When it was fired, there was no payload on the quadcopter. BSF officials said they had searched the entire area again to determine if there was payload on the drone

Anti-Indian forces in Pakistan are using drones to transport arms and narcotics to India. A senior BSF official said drones were being used extensively to transport drugs such as heroin across the Punjab border, and that security forces in Jammu and Kashmir seized weapons and ammunition after the drone was shot down.

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