Boluarte rules out resigning so as not to agree with the “violent” and appeals to approve “political reforms”

MADRID, Dec. 19 (.) –

The president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, has ruled out the possibility of presenting her resignation because she considers that in this way she would be agreeing with the “violent” groups, and has appealed to Parliament to approve “political reforms.”

In an interview for the Peruvian channel Latina Televisión, Boluarte has defended that his resignation would not solve the “problems” facing the country, at the same time that he has questioned whether the “violent” would change their minds and bet on ” live in peace”.

“If I resign, I would be agreeing with these violent (…) I believe that people in democracy have to know how to respect and be respectful of the laws,” said the president of Peru, who remains firm in her idea that appropriate is to call early elections.

At this point, he has urged parliament to reconsider the electoral advance project, although he considers that it is also necessary to approve a series of “political reforms” aimed at shaping a “respectable” Congress of the Republic.

Finally, Boluarte has advanced that on Tuesday he will finalize the recomposition of the ministerial Cabinet, which will have a “political profile” and sensitivity to meet the needs of the population of Peru, as reported by the RPP radio station.

Boluarte has dismissed his Prime Minister, Pedro Angulo, this weekend and saw how at the end of last week the Ministers of Culture and Education presented their resignation due to the death of demonstrators in the protests for the dismissal and detention of former President Pedro Castle.

In these, the Head of State has valued the “courage and bravery” of the members of her Cabinet to face a “difficult situation” at a political and social level.

The arrest of Castillo – arrested after announcing the dissolution of Parliament and decreeing an emergency government – has led to a series of protests at the national level. The actions of the security authorities have already claimed the lives of more than twenty people.

Among the demands of the protesters, the one for the departure of Boluarte from the Presidency of Peru and the call for new elections stand out. Parliament ruled out last Friday approving an electoral advance that Bolaurte herself does defend.

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