Bolivians protest in Santa Cruz for the arrest of the governor: “Enough of political persecution”

The Governor of Santa Cruz (Bolivia), Luis Fernando Camachokidnapped last Wednesday in a absolutely irregular police operation organized by the regime Luis Arcewill have to spend four months in preventive detention by order of a court that accuses him of “inflaming” the 2019 demonstrations to denounce the electoral fraud of Evo Morales.

The governor has been transferred this morning (local time) to the Chonchocoro prison where he will serve the four months of detention ordered by Judge Sergio Pacheco, according to reports The newspaper. For its part, the Civic Committee that supports Camacho has begun a 24 hour strike to protest the arrest.

The Bolivian Minister of Justice, Iván Lima, has confirmed that Camacho’s defense has presented two resources of freedomone in the city of La Paz, already rejected, and another in Santa Cruz, under the same arguments, and which is still being considered by the court.

He has also explained that Camacho’s arrest occurred in compliance with a prosecutor’s order after the governor “repeatedly” refused to appear in the case for which the former interim president has also been imprisoned. Jeanine Añez.

“The Prosecutor’s Office can activate the arrest of any citizen who refuses to give his statement,” he assured before recalling that the process called Coup d’état I, when Evo Morales was forced to resign from the Presidency due to the protests of the population and the pressure from the Armed Forces after the obvious suspicions of irregular elections began two years ago and both Camacho and his defense were aware of the case.

Strike in the largest Bolivian region

The citizens of Santa Cruz, the largest Bolivian region and the country’s economic engine, have suspended their activities this Friday in protest of the imprisonment of Camacho, and the civic leaders of Santa Cruz analyze other measures to demand his release.

The streets are deserted and blocked with tires or flags. During this first half of the day of strike There have also been vigils at the gates of the Departmental Electoral Tribunal and the district’s General Directorate of Migration. And the Palace of Justice in Santa Cruz has woken up heavily guarded after the destruction recorded in that building on Wednesday after Camacho’s arrest.

According to EFE, some people have protested at the doors of the regional office of the National Tax Service with flags and banners with slogans such as “The fight belongs to everyone”, “Enough of political persecution”, “It was not a coup, it was fraud”. In addition to the regional capital, the strike has also been respected in several Santa Cruz provinces and there are roadblocks that connect the department with the rest of the country.

Former heads of state repudiate “arbitrary” detention

Twenty-five former heads of State and Government of Spain and Latin America have denounced the “arbitrary” detention of the Arce regime against the opponent and have stressed that even the prosecutors of the jurisdiction of Santa Cruz “had refused to be part of the political persecutionagainst Camacho.

In a statement, the former presidents participating in the Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas (IDEA) have stressed that Camacho’s arrest and transfer occurred “without regular judicial action,” stressed the signatories of the declaration, who urged the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to “carry out the urgent steps” required by the “arbitrary detention” of Camacho.

“We express our condemnation of the widespread practice of preventive detention and prosecution of political opponents,” as in the case of the governor of Santa Cruz, they highlighted.

they denounced this friday

“Neither the arrest warrant, nor the actions of the Police, nor the precautionary hearing can be discussed in the field of due process, with legal arguments,” added the headline at a press conference collected by ‘El Deber’, before emphasize that the application of the rules is the same for all Bolivians, because “there are no first and second class citizens.”

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