Bolivia expels a dissident for criticizing the Cuban dictatorship on Twitter

“Disturbing public order through social networks”that is the argument that Bolivia has used to expel the Cuban dissident from the country Magdiel Jorge Castro. He, who defines himself as an activist for human rights and democracy in Cuba, is very clear about who is behind this “political decision”.

As he has denounced through Twitter -where he has more than 40,000 followers-, the Andean country is making use of the tactics of the Caribbean dictatorship. it all started with the immigration visit a few days ago. On Friday, December 16, two officials went to see him to meet him at his office the following Monday.

The Cuban dissident, who imagined what was to come, published it on his profile. He had his “clear conscience”, he assured. “I will go to the appointment (..), there is no breach of duties in my behavior that as a legal resident I must comply in this country.” “I am not afraid either,” he added, “they have the power and I have my freedom of expression.”

communist practices

In the following days, he continued with his usual activity on social networks. In other words, denouncing the outrages committed by the Miguel Díaz-Canel dictatorship and the terrible situation in which Cubans live. All this, together with his previous publications, had well collected in “one folder” when he went to the General Directorate of Migration of Santa Cruz, “archived as usual by the SE (State Security, in Cuba)”.

Upon leaving, Magdiel Jorge made public “the notice of expulsion against me from the Plurinational State of Bolivia” which states that his “mandatory departure” for having “violated Bolivian regulations by disturbing public order through social networks”. “Acts that disturb public order will be understood as participation and/or incitement to: riots, confrontation between citizens and acts against dignity and/or morality,” the document adds.

By order of Cuba

The real reason, he says, “It is my activism on social networks against the Cuban dictatorship and the human rights violations that occur in my country”. “The Plurinational State of Bolivia, using its public offices, grants Havana the right to expel a citizen from a democracy such as Bolivia for his political opinions,” he said in a video that has accumulated tens of thousands of views.

“That the Bolivian government expels a legal resident and complying with the Migration Law in absolutely each of its articles for political opinions,” he adds, “is extremely serious.” For this reason, he demands “a response from the Bolivian State to what has just happened: that democratic countries be used by the armed wing of the (Cuban) State Security for the coercion of freedoms individuals of Cubans”.

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