Bolaños says that they are “supporters” of reforming sedition but he does not see a majority to address it

It plans to have a draft of the new official secrets law “well advanced in the coming weeks”

BARCELONA, July 10. (.) –

The Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, has assured that the Government is “in favor” of reforming the crimes of rebellion and sedition, but has pointed out that at this time there is no parliamentary majority to address this reform.

In an interview with ‘El Periódico’ this Sunday collected by Europa Press, Bolaños explained, when asked about this possible reform, that they want Spanish criminal legislation “to be homogenized with the rest of criminal legislation” in the European environment.

On the dialogue table, he has indicated that they want to hold two meetings in the remainder of the year, but has claimed not to set deadlines: “The important thing is that we continue advancing, that there are agreements, that there is dialogue, and when we have content for those tables , we will convene them, we will celebrate them and we will make the agreements public so that all citizens know them”.

When asked what the Government’s political proposal will be, the minister has asked to go step by step, after a conflict in which “there has been a lot of tension and many differences”, in his opinion.

“We believe that a referendum would only make the conflict chronic, and what we want are solutions that are transversal, in which the vast majority of Catalan society can feel comfortable,” he pointed out.


For Bolaños, dejudicialization means betting on politics, since “when politics is judicialized, it is true that it only makes conflicts chronic.”

In this sense, he pointed out that dejudicialization “is also compliance with the law and the Constitution, but above all it is making useful politics, which is what citizens deserve, reaching agreements”, recalling that, in his eyes, the judicialization of politics has conditioned Catalan life and society for years.


The minister plans to have a preliminary draft of the law on official secrets “very advanced in the coming weeks”, possibly before the summer break, and on the reform of the law of the National Intelligence Center (CNI), he has assured that work is being done at the Ministry of Defense.

Asked if ERC is once again a preferred partner in Congress, also for the approval of the General State Budgets (PGE) for 2023, Bolaños has said that the Government must make the decisions and talk to the different groups to obtain support: “To improve people’s lives, we look for support under the rocks, of course. With all the groups, also with ERC. Especially with ERC, with which we agree on that progressive vision”.

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