Bodies of six dead babies are left at the entrance to a cemetery: what is known?

The bodies of 6 babies, who died from different causes, were found this Wednesday at the entrance to a cemetery in Santo Domingo, apparently abandoned by the funeral home in charge of their burial.

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Is about the bodies of four boys and two girls, Dominicans and Haitians, pathologist Anyi Vicioso, who carried out the removal of the bodies, told the press..

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This morning, a person who lives near the Cristo Salvador Cemetery, in the east of Santo Domingo, raised the alarm after finding one of the bodies, so National Police agents moved to the place, where another five were found. bodies.

Babies wore pink and blue identification bracelets on their wrists, depending on sex.

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In a statement from the Dominican National Health Service (SNS), the director of the Ciudad Juan Bosch Hospital, Marilelda Reyes, assured that the remains of the children were delivered on Tuesday by that health center to the La Popular Funeral Home so that they could proceed with their burial. .

For this reason, Reyes was “surprised” that the deceased newborns appeared this Wednesday morning in the vicinity of the Cristo Salvador Cemetery, when the funeral home confirmed that they had been buried.

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For various reasons, some parents do not remove the bodies, especially when they have very limited financial resources, so the health center must pay for the burial service.

“For various reasons, some parents do not remove the bodies, especially when they have very limited financial resources, so the health center must pay for the burial service,” he indicated.

The SNS note specified that Two of the babies arrived at the Ciudad Juan Bosch Hospital already dead after being referred from other centers, while one at 38 weeks and another at 40 weeks were transferred from the War Hospital with a diagnosis of neonatal sepsis and the other two had been born prematurely. , after 24 and 25 weeks of gestation.

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SNS officials have gone to the cemetery “to present evidence” to the Police and the Public Ministry “about the process carried out with the funeral home to offer a dignified burial to those corpses from the aforementioned health center,” added the statement about a case. under investigation and that has shocked Dominican public opinion.


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