Boca prepares for the clash against Palmeiras

Next Thursday the rematch of the semifinals of the Libertadores Cup of America and, despite the influence on the mood of the fans of Mouth After their defeat against River last Sunday, it is necessary to look forward, commented Román Iucht in Fontevecchia modeon Net TV, Radio Perfil (AM 1190) and Radio Amadeus (FM 91.1).

The Cup semi-final will change everything. If Boca reaches the final of the continental tournament, the defeat against River will be in the background, and Boca fans will feel that their seventh title is closer than ever. However, if Boca is eliminated against Palmeiras, it would be a hard blow that would put Boca’s position at risk. Jorge Almiron as a coach.

The assessment of the Boca players after their tough defeat against River

In any case, the team knows that it will face a Brazilian rival that reserved all its starters in its last league match and also suffered a defeat. Furthermore, the match will be played in a stadium where it is made from 100% synthetic grass, which means that the game will be different in terms of speed and movements.

Almirón’s focus on rotating the starting lineup has been evident, as In 36 games, Boca has fielded a different team on 35 occasions.

Palmeiras’ tremendous record at home that scares Boca

Therefore, predicting the starting lineup becomes challenging. A possible formation could include a line of three centre-backs with Valentini and two full-backs on the sides. Furthermore, there will be interest in who will accompany Edinson Cavani in attack.

On Thursday at 9:30 pm, Boca will face Palmeiras. Tomorrow, there will surely be more details about the most important game of the year for the Xeneize team.


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