Bluesky is updated with notification and content management features for iOS

MADRID, 24 Apr. (Portaltic/EP) –

Bluesky, The alternative application to Twitter and which requires an invitation to join its closed beta, has been updated with functions for managing notifications and content on iOS mobiles.

The one who was one of the founders of the social network now owned by Twitter, Jack Dorsey, announced in 2019 that he would finance a small independent team to develop an “open and decentralized” standard for social networks.

Following Dorsey’s departure from Twitterin May 2022, it has continued to support the development of this service, which has been available for download since March for iOS devices through the App Store.

So, it was necessary to sign up for a waiting list to install this version, presented in closed beta, as well as access it through an invitation code.

The company, in fact, announced that this would be the same requirement to use this service on Android devices, which have also had their corresponding beta version for selected users.

Bluesky has recently integrated new features, among which is Thread Muting, that allows users to mute notifications from threads in which they have been mentioned, as 9to5Mac has recently verified on iOS terminals.

This portal also reminds that a few days ago this application was updated with moderation options “for the first time” and that users can now report a publication as ‘spam’, hateful content, copyright infringement or as illegal content.

9to5Mac has also advanced that, although users previously needed an invitation that was provided by the developersnow any user with an account on the platform can invite more people.

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