Blanco: “The agreement does not depend on the COE, it depends on Aragon and Catalonia”

MADRID, June 1 (.) –

The president of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), Alejandro Blanco, recalled this Thursday that the possible agreement for a joint candidacy of Aragon and Catalonia for the 2030 Winter Games “does not depend” on the body he presides over, but on both Autonomous Communities reaching a common program.

“Today is not the day to talk about Aragon, but I don’t want to hide,” Blanco said after attending the visit of CEAR ‘Alejandro Blanco’ in Getafe. “I say that they lie because they do not tell the truth. It is not the truth because all the meetings are recorded and because there are 12 witnesses. And it is not the truth,” said the head of Spanish Olympics.

“If we try to confuse with erroneous information, the only thing we harm is the candidacy. Nobody else. And it is trying to convey that the COE presents the candidacy and it is not true. The COE creates a commission with three members of the Government of Spain , three from Aragon, three from Catalonia and three from the COE. And the commission is the one that has determined the composition of the candidacy,” he explained.

“Then you cannot focus on the COE because -in the end- what the COE should have done is present a team of technicians and directly present the project. It is not like that. When that has been approved with the vote of all the representatives , what is being told is not true. If someone wants to focus on me, let me laugh, “he added.

In this sense, Blanco recalled that “the one who has fought from the beginning for this candidacy is called Alejandro Blanco”. “The one who has gone to Aragón several times is called Alejandro Blanco, the one who is fighting for this candidacy is called Alejandro Blanco. And then how is it possible that someone can focus on me that there is no candidacy? The final agreement of the candidacy Catalonia and Aragon decide, not the COE,” he stressed.

“We cannot create this truly worrying confusion in the population. If someone wants to have the Games, I believe that everything in life can be solved and an understanding reached. It is always better to have a project that is not ideal than to have nothing. Yesterday we approved four things at the COE assembly -by majority-. We continue with the candidacy, we are going to continue hand in hand with the IOC in the dialogue to have that candidacy and if any of the two parties do not reach an agreement -if you want come up with a similar project-, the COE assembly will decide”.

“No Alejandro Blanco, what cannot be is that we say ‘the promoter of the candidacy with the support of the IOC and the Government of Spain’ makes us have a problem with one part and that part focuses the agreement with me. I would like that the Aragonese media saw how the debates took place. There are 12 members in that commission and not one has received a call from the COE,” he revealed.

“If I am a commissioner from Catalonia, it is because I am a Martian. Do you see me as a Martian? Well, I am not a commissioner from Catalonia either. If the obstacle is the person who presents the candidacy, we are wrong. The agreement does not depend on the COE, it depends on the agreement between Aragon and Catalonia. The COE does not care about doing curling in Jaca or in Catalonia. We have never put on the table ‘this test here and this one here,'” he said.

In other matters, Blanco referred to the audios of Tebas, who would have requested his dismissal. “They say they want to separate me from the COE, but I have never done that in my life, I have never recorded anyone. If President Tebas wants to separate me from the COE, I tell him two things. I have never done anything to separate him from LaLiga is democratically elected with the support of the whole world, just like me in the COE. And for me, videos and meetings, plots to kill a president are not my way of understanding life,” he said.

“If I don’t get into that, imagine what I think. Sport is anything but that.” ¿Rubiales? The presidents of the Spanish federations are members of the COE. I have to defend him out of devotion and obligation, in the good and the bad. When there is an error, it is discussed in an office and an attempt is made to solve it, but I meet with no one to go against one or the other. I am not going against anyone and I will never go against anyone,” he said.

In relation to his visit to the Getafe CEAR that bears his name, Blanco said that the “back” received from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is “always like this.” “Perhaps it is an accolade in the eyes of those of you who are here, but this has always been the case. We have had mutual trust for many years that goes beyond the relationship between IOC president and COE president,” he affirmed.

“At this time we are talking about refugees (…) about the importance that we make in the work of sport as an integration factor and we also try to look for refugees who have the possibility of seeking a better future through sport. We do both things at the same time and it is a job to be satisfied”, he added.


For his part, the president of the IOC, Thomas Bach, supported the management of his Spanish counterpart for the 2030 Winter Games. “This is in his hands, I have confidence in him, confidence without limits, that is why Alejandro is the one who to fix all these issues.”

In relation to the Getafe CEAR, Bach stressed that “thanks to the president of the COE, Alejandro Blanco, a unique center in the world has been executed and I have to congratulate Spain for this center”. “The COE has a very important role in the Olympic world, that is so thanks to all the efforts to create a better world for sport. And that is why this center is a magnificent example. And we speak in the Olympic world of Spain and of his sport and these actions play an important role,” he concluded.

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