Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday: how to take advantage of the offers safely

Black Friday Discounts – PEXELS

MADRID, Nov. 24 (Portaltic/EP) –

With the arrival of Black Friday and the Cyber ​​Monday, dates of the commercial calendar that are increasingly important in Spain, cybersecurity experts recommend following a series of steps to prevent fraudulent attacks derived from massive purchases on the internet.

The possibility that the ‘stock’ of the product you want to buy runs out, as well as those items that are sold at much lower prices than usual are two of the factors why speed when purchasing becomes the norm.

Beyond these two notable dates, Telefónica Tech, Telefónica’s strategic digital business unit, insists that “online purchases must be especially monitored due to the fact that enter personal data on commerce pages”, explains the director of the Innovation and Laboratory area, Sergio de los Santos.

From this division they have shared a series of recommendations to apply both this Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday and, ultimately, on a daily basis in order to protect the privacy and security of consumers. Because a wrong step can have disastrous consequences for the user’s pocketbook and even their data.

First of all, it should be noted that many of the usual trusted websites can serve as a showcase for other providers. That way, even if you buy from a reputable website, the deal is with a third party who simply uses it to display their products.

Therefore, even if it is a trusted website where you have previously purchased, it is possible that third parties are fraudulent, which is why payments should never be accepted outside the platform.

On the contrary, if the business where you want to buy something is new and unknown, it is important to do an internet search on its reputation, that is, review If it has good reviews or if there is information about it.

If there is no information or it is negative, it is advisable to immediately leave said website, although if the data found is positive, it is not a guarantee that it is a legitimate business.

Therefore, card payment alternatives should be used, such as cash on delivery, a bank transfer, temporary cards or Bizum with the exact amount of the product to be purchased. These options offer additional guarantees to card payments.

Requesting the card’s PIN number is another indication that the website you want to buy from is fraudulent. It is also not reliable that any position of this number will be requested, since it is a number for exclusive use in ATMs or physical stores.

Although no eCommerce or online sales website can request this number, it is possible that the bank may do so. In this case, it is advisable to contact her to find out if it is a fraud.

On the other hand, Telefónica Tech remembers that cheap is often expensive and that it is important to compare prices to make sure they really are a bargain. For it, forums should be usedTelegram channels or comparative websites, in order to determine if it really is an offer.

Finally, they point out that it doesn’t hurt to ask other users about their experience shopping online or even get in touch with INCIBE (via 017). You can also store trusted sites in the browser’s favorites section and always access them through that link.

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