BiH: “Merhamet” distributed packages to Catholic families on the occasion of Easter


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On the occasion of Easter, the Regional Board of the Muslim charity “Merhamet” Bihać distributed food packages to socially endangered Catholic families in Bihać, reports Anadolu Agency (.).

According to the Muslim charity “Merhamet”, the president of HO “Merhamet” MDD Kenan Vrbanjac and the director of the Regional Committee of “Merhamet” Bihać Alen Prošić took part in the distribution of the package.

Vrbanjac emphasized that other “Merhamet” regional committees throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina also delighted their fellow citizens of the Catholic faith, and that the distribution of packages during Easter has become traditional.

“We want to enable our fellow citizens of the Catholic faith to spend their big holiday in joy and with a rich Easter dinner. Next week ‘Merhamet’ will visit Orthodox families in need and also provide them with food packages. ‘Merhamet helps all those. who need help, regardless of religion and nation, “Vrbanjac said.

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