BiH: “Conference of Babies 2023” held in Srebrenica

In Srebrenica, the event “Konferencija beba 2023” was held today for the eleventh time, and the organizer is the Department of Social Activities and Public Service of the Municipality of Srebrenica with the help of the Kindergarten “Poletarac”, and on the initiative of the relevant ministry, reports Anadolu.

As part of the event, which brought together more than a hundred children, a walk for parents with their little ones was held, and an entertainment program was arranged. All children, with the support of sponsors, are provided with special gifts.

Adem Mehmedović, head of the Department for Social Activities of the Municipality of Srebrenica, says that the goal of the event is to hear children’s smiles and to provide support to the family and the birth rate.

“We are trying to make the event bigger and we are doing well year after year. Simply put, there is no more beautiful picture than children, and no more beautiful message than a child’s smile,” said Mehmedović.

The event was opened by the Mayor of Srebrenica, Mladen Grujičić, who emphasized the importance of gathering and promoting family values.

“I hope that there will be more and more of us every year. We are one of the few municipalities that organizes an event like this, where gifts are provided for all the children. It is important that we socialize and send beautiful pictures from Srebrenica,” Grujičić emphasized.

As part of the event, babies’ competitions in crawling, running, and fathers’ competition in changing babies’ clothes were held. The oldest, the youngest and the baby with the most siblings were also awarded.

Certificates of appreciation were presented to the sponsors of the “Baby Conference 2023” event. One of the sponsors is Ziraat bank, which has its branch office in Srebrenica, and they expressed their satisfaction at being sponsors of such an event.

During the event, there was also a reception for the representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina who participated in the Special Olympic Games in Berlin, led by the national team selector Željko Katanić.

The winner of the silver medal at the Special Olympic Games in Berlin in the 3,000 meter race was Mehidin Mehmedović from Srebrenica.

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