Biden gets involved and encourages Putin to invade Ukraine with a “minor incursion”

The American President, Joe Biden, has predicted that Russia will eventually “enter” Ukraine with his troops and has once again warned his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, that if there is finally an invasion, it will be “disastrous” for Russia. However, during his speech the president also generated confusion about what the West’s response will be, for which a subsequent statement was necessary to clarify his own statements.

In a press conference lasting almost two hours to take stock of his first year in office, Biden threatened Putin: “He has never seen sanctions like the ones I have promised will be imposed if he moves” towards Ukraine. He has also assured that the Russian leader is not aware, he has said, of the implications of this new escalation of tensions. “You will pay a high price (…) and I think they will regret it,” Biden said. “If they commit an invasion, they will pay, their banks will not be able to deal in dollars.”

The problem has come when Biden has hinted that the West’s response might not be so harsh if Moscow invades Ukraine with few soldiers: “It is one thing for it to be a minor raid and that we end up arguing (in NATO) about what to do and not to do, but if (the Russians) do what they are capable of doing with a massive force on the border, it will be a disaster for Russia,” he stressed.

This statement has caused great confusion and alarm in Ukraine, where an official source told CNN that it seemed that Biden was “giving Putin the green light to enter” the country as long as it was a “minor incursion”.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki was later forced to clarify in a statement that “if any Russian military force crosses the border with Ukraine,” Washington will consider it “a new invasion” and impose “swift and severe” retaliation in coordination with its European allies.


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