BeReal denies the massive loss of active users and insists that it registers more than 25 million globally

MADRID, Oct. 2 (Portaltic/EP) –

BeReal has questioned the metrics collected by SimilarWeb, which highlight the loss of millions of active users of the application, and has clarified that it registers more than 25 million active users Worldwide.

BeReal is an application of French origin launched in 2019, for both iOS and Android users. This is characterized by seeking immediacy and naturalness, so that users take photos without filters or other editing tools when you receive a notification on your devices.

In recent months, this ‘app’ has been incorporating new features such as the option to share songs from Spotify or RealChat, which allows users to send direct messages to other contacts.

The application experienced great popularity last year, to the point that Apple awarded it the App Store Award, due to the positive impact and the number of downloads it had registered in its official application store.

However, in recent months its reception has been diminished, according to measurements by SimilarWeb, which has indicated that the app currently registers fewer users than a few months ago, both on iOS and Android.

“Rapid growth has given way to a constant decline,” stated this company, which pointed out that BeReal’s monthly active users in the United States have gone from 3.7 million in November 2022 to just over 3 million of them in August of this year.

More specifically, on Android, where this company acknowledges having “better global visibility on application usage,” monthly active users fell 19 percent from 19.5 million in December 2022 to just over 16 million in August of this year.

SimilarWeb has, however, placed France as an exception to a general decline in its rate of active users, since this European country “still enjoys a loyal and growing user base” on Android devices, as noted on his blog.

For their part, those responsible for the social network have distanced themselves from these results and have pointed out that BeReal has more than 25 million active users around the world according to its internal data.

While the company has claimed that SimilarWeb’s estimates were inaccurate, it has not shared its own segmented market metrics in response to prove otherwise, as reported by TechCrunch.


In contrast to this decrease in the number of registered users in BeReal, this medium points out that BeFake It is now among the most in-demand applications. With it, you can publish photos created by generative artificial intelligence (AI).

Unlike BeReal, which relies on improvisation, BeFake allows you to personalize selfies with different filters and effects and then share them in the ‘feed’, choosing the one to which only your contacts have access or the one in which the discoveries are available. global.

According to data from SimilarWeb, in mid-September BeFake had more than 4,000 daily active users on Android, a figure that “is increasing” on iOS and Android, according to this company.

On the other hand, this portal has recognized that BeReal “never had the explosion of users” that it did register. Threadsdeveloped by Meta, launched in July and which presents similar functionalities to X, formerly Twitter.

So much so that, according to SimilarWeb, the Meta app has almost twice as many users as BeReal in the United States (7.3 million), compared to 3.7 million on this other social network.

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