Benzema: “I will never leave my club for anything”

MADRID, 14 Jan. (.) –

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema has assured that he would “never” let his team down, ruling out that he had ‘erased’ from some games to reach the World Cup with France in top form, and has called to focus on the Super Cup final on Sunday against FC Barcelona, ​​since the white team always “asks them to win”.

“I am never going to leave my club for anything. I was injured, I wanted to play the games,” he declared at a press conference. “I have returned from the injury, I have done a good job to return and have my best level. I am very happy and hopefully I can help my teammates. After last year, which was very important for me, I had several injuries and I needed time to come back. I’m in very good shape and I feel very good,” he continued.

The French striker also did not want to talk about his controversy with the French coach, Didier Deschamps, during the World Cup. “What happened is already there. The most important thing is tomorrow’s game, I’m ready with my head and body and I’m focused on that. The rest is past, although complicated,” he confessed. “That’s not tomorrow’s topic, it’s the final. I can’t talk about France and the World Cup anymore,” he added.

In addition, he also refused to assess a possible renewal with the white club. “I’m at Real Madrid, it’s another matter. I enjoy it like any player. What happens in football, we don’t know,” he said. “I’m here in Madrid, I enjoy every training session and every game. I go year by year, I’m not talking about the time I’m going to stay in Madrid. I enjoy every day in Madrid,” he said.

On the other hand, he invited us to think about the final against the Catalans, “a very important game”. “Barcelona is a great team, but we have to pay attention to ourselves,” he stressed. “It means many things: another trophy, another pride, because Madrid always asks us to win and show that we are here. We are going to have a difficult game, but in our heads we have to be ready to win it,” he continued. “We are fine. The group is fine and ready for tomorrow. Hopefully we can play a good game to take the cup to Madrid,” he insisted.

Lastly, Benzema spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo’s visit to Real Madrid training on Friday. “Cristiano is fine here, yesterday he was with us. I hope he continues scoring goals and making a difference,” he said, in addition to confirming that he did not meet him. “We don’t need photos to say we’re friends, Instagram and Twitter are another world. I didn’t see him, but I hope I can see him tomorrow and talk to him,” he concluded.

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