Benzema: “I will always force and think for my team”

MADRID, Feb. 14 (.) –

Real Madrid’s French striker, Karim Benzema, assured that he feels “much better” from the physical problems that have kept him out of the game since the end of January and that although he is not going to “take risks” ahead of Tuesday’s game against PSG in the Champions League, he “always” will “force and think” for his team.

“I’ve been working for many hours, I feel much better. Now we have a training session to see how I feel and if I can play the game, but it’s clear that I feel good and now I have to have more sensations on the pitch”, said Benzema this Monday at a press conference.

The one from Lyon stressed that “the most important thing” for him is to be “one hundred percent” mentally to play. “I have recovered a lot, but I have to have sensations on the field, see what they are and then we will decide,” he reiterated.

For the top scorer of the team, it was “difficult” to be away for so long and for this reason he was “working morning, afternoon and night at home and at Valdebebas” to get to this game. “I’m here to help my team in a great game and if I go out I’m going to give it my all,” he stressed.

“I don’t have to take risks either because the season is long, but I’m always going to force myself for my team because if I hadn’t I would have stayed in Madrid. It’s not forcing myself to injure myself more because that’s bad for your team and I always think about my team” added Benzema, who also does not believe that Real Madrid is “dependent” on him. “He has managed to win without me, the most important thing is that I have done everything to be here,” he said.

On the other hand, he acknowledged that it will be “special” to face Kylian Mbappé, whom he considers could “one day” end up as the 13-time European champion. “But the most important thing now is this game and win, friends later. Wish him a good game and play as he knows how,” he said.

“Leo Messi is an extraordinary footballer and in France people expect more in terms of goals, but what he does on the pitch I don’t know if anyone can talk to him because he knows a lot about football. I’ve played many games against him and if we talk about Messi must talk about football,” he asserted about the Argentine and his impact on Ligue 1.


The Frenchman also did not forget the importance for PSG of having “another ‘top’ player” like Neymar Jr. “I don’t know if he will be one hundred percent, but it will be better for them if he plays. match does not depend on one player and all PSG players are very good”, he warned.

“There is no favourite, but in today’s football there are none. It’s 90 minutes and whoever wants the most can win because looking at it player by player we are even”, he said of PSG, whom he sees as “a great team” despite the fact that he does not shine in his league because “his rivals await him far behind”. “He has individualities, good defense, good goalkeeping and good midfielders, and in the ‘Champions’ the level of football is better, you can’t say he doesn’t play well,” he settled.

In addition, it does not change “nothing” that there is no longer the double value of the goals in the opposite field in the qualifiers. “We know that we want to play a good game and win, the most important thing is to focus on our game and win by scoring goals. This game requires concentration, being happy and enjoying it”, he confessed.

Finally, Benzema also made it clear that he is “focused” on his current team, “the best club in the world”, and that it seems “a bit early” to say whether he will finish his career in a country where he feels “good” when He is going to play with the national team. “This game is special because it’s from the Champions League and very important, but not because I’m going back to France. I think the people are fine with me and I have to show things on the pitch for those who come to the stadium to see them,” he said.

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