Bendodo (PP) calls the approach of ‘Txapote’ and Parot to the Basque Country as a “macabre and immoral” act


The coordinator of the Popular Party, Elías Bendodo, has branded the approach of the ETA prisoners Francisco Javier García Gaztelu, ‘Txapote’, and Henri Parot to the Basque Country as a “grim and immoral” act.

This was stated this Saturday in Lanzarote during his speech at the beginning of the political course of the PP of the Canary Islands, where he understood that when the “heirs of ETA” and the “independentists of Catalonia” demand that the president, Pedro Sánchez, questions in which the Government “kneels” and “gives in”, they will never settle.

“We have just seen the approach of ‘Txapote’ and Parot to the Basque Country, a macabre and immoral act. Remember those who said ‘votes for prisoners’. Here we have the perfect example that each concession the “heirs of ETA” They charge it with a very high price,” he said.

The popular has recalled that these are two terrorists who have ended, among others, with the life of Miguel Ángel Blanco or Gregorio Ordóñez and that they have more than 50 victims behind their backs.

Bendodo has placed special emphasis on the fact that ‘Txapote’ and Parot “deserve nothing”, and even less to be “bargain currency” for the General State Budgets.


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