Belgrade: Vučić called on Serbs for peace and restraint and said that Serbia will never recognize Kosovo

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, confirmed today that Serbs from the north of Kosovo clashed with the Kosovo Police in Banjska, Kosovo, and called on the international community to form the Association of Serbian Municipalities, and the Serbs for peace and restraint, reports Anadolu.

“Tonight around 2:46 a group of Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija set up two trucks as barricades in Banjska in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, then the Kosovo police arrive and try to remove those barricades, there is a conflict with the Serbs who set up those barricades, in that conflict A policeman was killed and another person was wounded,” said Vučić at the press conference.

He added that three Serbs were killed and that there is a possibility that one more may die.

“Three Serbs from Kosovo were killed. According to that, two from sniper fire, from a long distance, when it was not necessary for them to be liquidated, two were wounded and there is a fear that a fourth person was also killed,” Vučić said.

He pointed out that at 8:57 a.m. this morning the Jarinje and Brnjak administrative crossings were closed, and that at 10:15 a.m. the Albanian authorities announced that four Serbian municipalities in the north of Kosovo are the zone of anti-terrorist action.

As he said, 460 members of the Kosovo Police took part in the action, and Kfor closed the exit.

Vučić said that he addressed the public only tonight, because “Serbia has not had effective control” in Kosovo since 1999 and “it took a long time to investigate what happened today, and that decisions will be made carefully, thoroughly and thoroughly in in the coming days to appear with them in front of the citizens”.

He assessed that this is one of the most difficult days for the Serbian people and Serbia since 2004, when the pogrom was carried out against the Serbs in Kosovo, and 2008, when Kosovo declared its independence.

Vučić pointed out that he had repeatedly warned in New York and Brussels that this could happen, but that no one wanted to listen to it.

“Serbs, people from Kosovo rebelled, not wanting to suffer Kurti’s terror anymore,” said Vučić.

He added that he did not want to justify the killing of the Kosovo policeman in any way, that no one needed it, least of all the Serbian people.

At the end, the President of Serbia expressed his condolences to the families of the dead policeman and the families of the murdered Serbs.

Vučić called on the international community to form the Association of Serbian Municipalities and that in the north of Kosovo the policemen should be Serbs, for which the formation of the ZSO is a condition.

“We call on our people for peace and restraint, we ask them for it and we ask them to trust their country. It is our duty to exhaust everything we can to prevent more bloodshed, to try to preserve the peace,” emphasized Vučić.

In his address to the public, the President of Serbia said that it was strange that the armed group was completely surrounded in just an hour and 20 minutes and that it was “obviously done with international forces”, as well as that “Serbia has been wondering from the beginning why KFOR did not act , he has already left the action to the Kosovo Police”.

He pointed out that an armed group of Serbs came to the Banjska monastery because they had two injured young men and wanted to help them.

Vučić pointed out that the church was not involved in the incident and that the Serbian army and police had nothing to do with that conflict.

“The only culprit for what is happening in Kosovo is Aljbin Kurti,” said Vučić and added that he is trying to use spin to accuse Serbia of the conflict in Banjska.

Asked about the reaction of the West, Vučić said that “hypocrisy is their middle name”, that they are looking for a reason to pressure Belgrade to recognize the independence of Kosovo, but that Serbia will never do that.

“You can do whatever you want, we will never recognize an independent Kosovo. Serbia will never recognize an independent Kosovo, the monstrous creation you made by bombing Serbia and all possible lies. And if we are ready to talk, we will always talk,” said Vučić.

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