Belarra urges the PSOE to respect the housing agreement in the face of a “predictably harsh” report from the CGPJ


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The Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarrahas warned – in reference to the coalition agreement on the Housing Law – that “no one would understand that it was not respected as it was closed.

Belarra has shown her concern about the possibility that the PSOE, her government partner, backtracks on the most ambitious aspects of the Housing Law, before a “predictably tough” report of the General Council of the Judiciary.

An organization that, as the Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda wanted to remind us, has had its mandate expired for three years. In addition, Belarra has explained that the CGPJ should only pronounce on the modification of three articles of the law of civil procedure, not corresponding in any case to evaluate the constitutionality of the norm.

“It is not the first time that the CGPJ, which has expired for three years, opposes social advances for our countrybut we have a government agreement with the Housing Law and I am confident that we will soon be able to send it in its entirety to Congress,” Belarra asserted.

The also leader of Podemos has highlighted that this round of contacts seeks to show that there are “many more” that grant a “vast support” to a “truly ambitious” law, against those who “permanently oppose” the “advancement” of social rights.

And it is that he has claimed that the bill allows rent prices to be regulated for the first time and “put a stop” to “those evictions that have embarrassed the country for decades”, especially in the 2008 crisis, and deal with speculation.

This law is urgent. Everyone tells me, the sooner we can have this law, the better and be able to start guaranteeing the right to housing in this country, which is seriously compromised,” the minister concluded.


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