Belarra guarantees the stability of the Government: “The coalition is a success of the left”

The Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, and General Secretary of Podemos, Ione Belarra, does not hide that the differences between the PSOE and United We Can due to the increase in military spending are putting pressure on the Government. However, she is blunt when stating that her intention is to exhaust the legislature and keep the Executive together “until the last minute.”

During an interview on TVE’s La hora de la 1, Belarra recalled that the government coalition “is a success for the left” and that “the person who has worked the most for it has been Podemos”: “There were four general elections to prevent us from being in the Government. We are working and all the Government’s most notable proposals are measures that United We Can have proposed and promoted,” he said.

For this reason, despite the fact that the differences around raising military spending (and specifically around the credit supplement of one billion for Defense approved in the Council of Ministers on Tuesday) have forced the convening of the coalition’s monitoring commission , Belarra has defended that “the stability of the Government is guaranteed”.

The general secretary of Podemos has warned that the Executive “is facing a very complex moment of the legislature“, marked by the war in Ukraine and by record inflation. “Here there are substantive debates (between PSOE and UP) and every euro we allocate to military spending is one euro less than we allocate to public education and health.”

Belarra has revealed that the main objective of the call for the coalition’s monitoring commission is for the Government to recover its “progressive hallmark” and “retune with the people”: “We are going to try to get the Government to redirect the course and recover the pace of social progress. It worries me that there are enough people in our country who have the feeling that recent events do not respond to the hallmark of a progressive government. “

The leader of Podemos has also referred to the act that the second vice president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, will carry out this Friday to launch her listening process. Díaz has asked the main leaders of United We Can not attend the event to distance this process from acronyms and political organization, and Belarra has confirmed that she will not attend to “respect” the decision of the Minister of Labor.

“Yese has asked us not to come and we will not come. We are very clear that we are the largest party in the space and that we have to work for unity, Yolanda has to make the decisions, we are helping to grow and expand the space. It is important that Yolanda can make her decisions and mark her times, “she concluded.


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