Belarra demands political responsibilities for ‘Pegasus’ and criticizes espionage being justified, referring to Robles

He criticizes that not having undertaken measures to deepen democracy has taken its toll and urges the repeal of the ‘Gag Law’


The general secretary of Podemos, Ione Belarra, has stressed that political responsibilities must be assumed for the ‘Pegasus’ case, that they cannot “wait any longer”, and has proclaimed that “no one can and should not justify espionage for political reasons”.

This has been transferred during his intervention this Friday in the State Citizen Council of Podemos, the highest management body, to criticize the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, after his intervention on Wednesday in Congress, although he has not cited her during his speech.

And it is that the spokesman for the parliamentary group in Congress, Pablo Echenique, already reproached that they were “stunned” with the position of the Defense Minister, whom he reproached for having justified the alleged espionage and again demanded that “heads roll” of those responsible. Yesterday he also redoubled his criticism when he launched that there had been an “attempt to blow up the majority that gives stability to the legislature.”

For his part, Belarra has affirmed that the Government is “mainly interested in dispelling any shadow of doubt about the State’s actions” and that, as the days go by, it is already a “question of basic democratic hygiene that political responsibilities are assumed necessary”.

Moreover, he stressed that Podemos, as “victims also of the sewers of the State”, is clear about its obligation to defend democracy against “powers that operate outside the law or exceed their functions against those they consider enemies of their interests” .


Therefore, he has claimed that “all means” must be put in place so that, pointing to the ‘Pegasus’ case, “something like this cannot happen again”.

“Our country must urgently get rid of its anti-democratic heritage. Only in this way, moreover, will we be able to restore the confidence of our partners in the Government,” he pointed out, referring to yesterday’s vote on the anti-crisis decree, when the ERC voted against the measures in rejection of the attitude of the Executive in the alleged case of espionage.

In fact, Belarra has highlighted that “taking care of the majority of the investiture is taking care of the guarantee of the progressive orientation” of the “democratic bloc”, with which he calls the multinational majority.


He has also argued that it is “clear” that not having advanced in the “democratic deepening agenda” during the legislature “is taking its toll” on the country.

Therefore, the “time to correct it” has come and, in addition to assuming political responsibilities, the actions carried out to “dismantle the vigilante structure that the PP built to persecute Podemos and Catalan politicians” must be made public.

Consequently, he has called for “progress quickly” in the repeal of the so-called ‘Gag Law’ and the fight against corruption and tax fraud.


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