Begoña Gómez is now the victim of a far-right hoax campaign after the attacks on Irene Montero

After a week marked by the macho attacks against Irene Montero, the extreme right returns to the charge to spread hoaxes —each more disproportionate— against begona gomezthe wife of the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez.

On this occasion, sectors of the far-right media have launched a campaign that combines lies, transphobia, and conspiracy theories about Gómez. Misnamed media —some close to Vox— have given rise to the idea that Begoña Gómez is a trans person and that years ago he was a man who accompanied Pedro Sanchez In a television program.

the digital activist Julian Macias performed in Public an exhaustive analysis in which he dismantled one by one the messages sent by the radical right to attack Gómez. The publications are accompanied by the label “Begoño” and a great display of hatred towards the trans collective. In the last few hours, a video of a talk show host on extreme right-wing television stating the falsehoods of this theory as true has gone viral.

Irene Montero: “Hate and ridicule of Begoña Gómez is not new and it has to stop”

Faced with the attacks, personalities from the world of politics and journalism have expressed their solidarity with Gómez. The Minister for Equality has stated on her Twitter account: “Hate and ridicule of Begoña Gómez is not new and it has to stop. Not only for her, for all of us. You have my support, we are together.” Adriana Lastra He has denounced the “harassment and violence by the political and media extreme right in this country.” She has recalled the slander and slander that was done to Michelle Obama along these lines. “They did the same to him”, she has lamented herself.

the journalist Rosa Maria Artal He has also expressed his solidarity with the president’s wife and asked himself about the extreme right-wing media: “How is it possible that they have a license to broadcast anything? It is not freedom of expression but freedom of defamation.” The political scientist Dina Bousselham He has pointed out that this time “it has been Begoña Gómez’s turn to suffer the attacks and political violence by the political and media right. If they touch one, they touch all of them. All my companion solidarity”.

A new example of modus operandi of the extreme right both in social networks and in parliaments. These groups and the media arms that support them seek to wear down the political adversary by spreading hoaxes about personal and private life, just as the Vox deputy did this last week Carla Toscano with Minister Montero in the Congress of Deputies. After the attacks suffered, the progressive formations closed ranks around the head of Equality, who, in addition, this Saturday has participated in an act against political violence carried out by the extreme right. The event has been organized by Podemos and has been attended by more than a thousand people.

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