Before booking your house, definitely ask these 5 questions from the developers, later you will be tension free.

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even today a lot All home buyers buy a house based on what the property broker says. They don’t take a lot of information in their own way. There is no other option but to repent later. In such a situation, if you are going to book your house then definitely ask five questions to the developers before booking. By doing this you will be saved from later problems and will remain tension free. Come, let us know those questions that you must ask the developers.

Who is the electricity and LPG provider?

Before booking a house in any project, ask the developers which is the company providing electricity and gas connection in that project. For gas line, confirm whether the developer will arrange for pipeline gas after obtaining OC or before? Otherwise, gas cylinder will have to be arranged later. At the same time, you will have to pay more for private electricity connections.

Please ask about payment plan

The developers provide information about all the payment plans for the project in which you are booking a house. But, do ask whether I can change my payment plan if I face any financial problems. Especially if you are buying properties that are still under construction.

Is there freedom to choose bank or not?

The developer will proactively provide you with the list of banks that have partnered with them for home loans. You should make it clear whether you have to choose a bank listed by the developer or whether you have the freedom to choose one of your choice, even if it is not on their list.

How much will be the maintenance and when will it have to be paid?

Often, developers include the maintenance costs of the house for the first two or three years in the total purchase price. This means that buyers usually start paying for maintenance after two or three years. Therefore, it is important to know when the maintenance charges start. Apart from this, how much will have to be paid for parking. Find out this also.

Ask about carpet area and layout plan

Developers often offer homes of different sizes for a specific configuration. For example, in a project, you may get a two-BHK house with two different carpet areas. So, inquire about the disparities between the two, as it is possible that spending a few lakhs more may get you a bigger house.

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