Batelli calls on the European Union to support Libya “with one voice”

Moataz Wanis / Anatolia

On Thursday, the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General in Libya, Abdullah Batili, called on the European Union and international partners to speak “with one voice” to support the political process in Libya.

This came during a meeting with Batelli, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, in the Belgian capital, Brussels, according to what the UN envoy published on the “X” platform.

Batelli said that he exchanged “views on the political process in Libya” with the European official.

He stressed “the need for the European Union and international partners to speak with one voice to support the political process in order to preserve the unity and territorial integrity of Libya.”

He called for “comprehensive elections to legitimize and reunify the political, military and security institutions.”

Libya is witnessing a political crisis represented by a power struggle between a government appointed by the House of Representatives early last year, and the National Unity Government headed by Abdul Hamid Al-Dabaiba, who refuses to hand over power except to a government appointed by a new elected parliament.

To solve this dilemma, Libyan and international efforts are continuing to reach these elections this year, in addition to the UN mission in the country conducting a military dialogue aimed at unifying the military institution.

In a separate context, Batelli and Borrell discussed “the hurricane’s impact on the city of Derna (east) and its surrounding areas,” according to the same source.

Patelli stressed “the need to conduct a joint assessment of the reconstruction needs in the affected areas to ensure maximum accountability in the management of reconstruction resources.”

On September 10, the Mediterranean Hurricane “Daniel” swept several areas in eastern Libya, most notably the cities of Benghazi, Al-Bayda, Al-Marj, and Sousse, in addition to other areas, including Derna, which was the most affected.

A few days ago, a conflict began over who would dispose of the international financial aid provided to the country to mitigate the effects of the floods that struck its eastern cities.

The same conflict between the country’s divided institutions also revolves around ten billion dinars ($2 billion) that the House of Representatives had allocated as an emergency budget and the reconstruction of cities stricken by the hurricane.

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