Baskonia cannot with the bottom team and stops his streak dry

Baskonia cannot with the bottom team and stops his streak dry

Joan Peñarroya’s men had the winning basket but added their first defeat in thirteen games

MADRID, Jan. 5 (.) –

Cazoo Baskonia put a stop to its winning streak after falling (85-84) against Alba Berlin on matchday 17 of the Euroleague held this Thursday at the Mercedes-Benz Arena, to add its first defeat in thirteen games and put an end to his undefeated since last November.

Joan Peñarroya’s men could not prolong their state of grace against a combative Alba who successfully won the first game of the year in the Euroleague. The Basques, who were leading the game, see their European aspirations slowed down, although they continue in their fight for the ‘Top 4’.

The display of Pierria Henry (19 points) and a good Markus Howard (17) was not enough to defeat a bottom team that is still in a state of grace, despite the fact that the Basques had the winning basket at Costello. The team led by Israel González, with four consecutive victories, improves its European record (5/12) in the midst of climbing from the last position of the table.

After a somewhat hesitant start to the game with a fairly low scoring rate for Baskonia -the top scorer in the Euroleague-, Joan Peñarroya’s men found themselves in Berlin with a solid Alba who from the outset did not make things easy for them. Thus, the Teutons knew how to play their cards, with the key figures being Luke Sikma, the team’s handle, and Maodo Lo (6) to lead the first quarter (27-20).

The Basque team knew how to stretch in the second ten minutes, bringing out their best offensive facet. Those from Vitoria put their entire three-point arsenal on the court to tighten the clash and get closer on the scoreboard. However, the good momentum of Howard (11) and Henry (11) was not enough to stop an Alba Berlin that knew how to take advantage of the weak Basque defensive strength to go ahead at halftime (54-48).

Unable to stop the attacking game of the Germans, Joan Peñarroya’s team returned somewhat more confused after the restart. The locals managed to extend the advantage to 10 in the first moments of the third, with Jaleen Smith (17) who started very well in the mid-range shot. Even so, Baskonia did not lose face in the game, but the dominance of the German rebound was key to going into the last quarter with a greater lead (77-67).

Another three-pointer from Henry as soon as the last ten minutes began, threatened the comeback. Thus, Joan Peñarroya’s men entrusted themselves to their two bastions to carry out the game. Howard and Henry once again came to the rescue of a Basque team that knew how to react, although not in time. In fact, the income obtained until then by the Germans allowed Israel González’s men to maintain equality until the end.

Up to three times Baskonia came to have victory in their hands. Howard was able to decide with a triple from the corner and then with a layup, but the decisive shot came from a Costello who failed to hit an easy 2 with three seconds left.


–RESULT: ALBA BERLIN, 85 – BASKONIA, 84. (54-48, at halftime).


CAZOO BASKONIA: Thompson (15), Marinkovic (-), Giedraitis (10), Hommes (8) and Kotsar (4) –starting five–; Howard (17), Dani Díez (-), Henry (19), Costello (3), Sedekerskis (6), Raieste (-) and Enoch (2).

ALBA BERLIN: Smith (18), Sikma (4), Olinde (11), Lammers (6) and Lo (11) –starting five–; Koumadje (2), Delow (-), Wetzell (6), Thiemann (10), Blatt (11), Mattiseck (-) and Zoosman (6).

— PARTIALS: 27-20, 27-28, 23-19, 8-17.

–REFEREES: Belosevic, Silva and Koljensic. No deleted.

–HALL: Mercedes-Benz Arena.

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