Bal affirms that Sánchez has revealed an “official secret”: His intention to continue in the Government “at all costs”


The deputy secretary general of Ciudadanos, Edmundo Bal, pointed out this Saturday that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, by facilitating the entry of independence parties into the Reserved Expenses Commission of Congress, has thus revealed a secret this week, and it is that “he will remain in power no matter what it takes”.

“Of course, there is a secret that is already official: Sánchez will remain in power no matter what it costs, even at the cost of the dignity of Spain and humiliating the secret services,” Bal assured in statements to the media, collected by Europa Press, at the Great Medieval Fair of El Álamo (Madrid).

The also national spokesperson for Ciudadanos has reproached the head of government for the “infamy” of accepting deputies from ERC, EH Bildu, Junts and CUP in the official secrets commission that is going to open in Congress, because it puts the National Intelligence Center (CNI) “against the secret services of the countries around us”, by declassifying secret documents in that space that can “be detrimental to national security”.

It is also serious, for Bal, that the rules for electing the members of that commission have been changed, by reducing the majorities so that the Government could “please the independentistas and manage, one more day, to stay in power even if it were to at the expense of the dignity of our country, at the expense of selling the official secrets of the State to those who want to put an end to Spain, the good name and the unity of our country”, he reiterated.

The ‘orange’ leader has questioned the President of the Government if, in order to validate this week in Congress the royal decree law in response to the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine, it would not have been better worth having negotiated support and proposals with the opposition rather than with his investiture partners.

“Was it really so hard to adopt measures, which are being adopted by countries around us, such as deflating the personal income tax rate, adjusting fuel tax rates to the amount collected before this perverse effect of inflation began, or prolonging the life nuclear weapons?”, he said.

According to Bal, Sánchez “has portrayed himself” this week as wanting to “continue to govern by decree law and, furthermore, avoiding the full legislative power of Congress”, the spokesman for Ciudadanos specified, to point out that, in addition, he does so the hand “with demagogues, populists, communists or anti-system, with those parties that are in favor of the occupation, the burning of containers or the smashing of shop windows in Barcelona, ​​as is the case of the CUP”.


On the day that marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Clara Campoamor (1888-1972), the leader has vindicated the “brave and liberal” figure of the renowned lawyer, writer and politician, “the first woman who fought for suffrage female in Spain.

As a suffragist, Campoamor – Bal has remarked – decided to take a step forward at a time when “other women said, however, that women should not have the right to vote because they were linked to the Catholic Church”. “Campoamor opted for this recognition of the capacity of women to be able to participate in politics”, she has valued.

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