Back-to-school tech: must-have audio devices and how to tell if they’re safe

MADRID, Sep. 4 (Portaltic/EP) –

Technology becomes more relevant every year in the return to school of the little ones, both for leisure and for their own academic needs. Therefore, experts insist on the importance of these devices are adapted to each type of user. One of the most obvious cases is that of audio products, which must take into account a series of considerations so that children can enjoy them safely.

The European company Energy Sistem, a specialist in personal audio, has headphones and a speaker designed specifically for the little ones in the house: Lol&Roll Pop Kids Headphones Y Lol&Roll Pop Kids Speaker. These devices have been created following strict safety standards, which take into account everything from the limitation of volume to the materials used to avoid mishaps.

Specifically, children’s headphones should never exceed a volume of 85 decibels so that they do not damage the child’s hearing health (for speakers the same limitation applies, measured at a distance of one meter). Likewise, all the materials of children’s audio devices must be suitable for use by children, complying with the EN71 certification required by the European Union for toys.


Lol&Roll Pop Kids Headphones are headphones focused on children’s entertainment, but also on video calls at school (or with friends and family, thanks to their built-in microphone). group workprivate online classes or jobs that require listening to audio (such as the ‘Listening’ of English classes), as detailed by the company through a statement.

These helmets can be connected to both the computer and the ‘smartphone’ or ‘tablet’ and have the function ‘MusicShare’which allows two headphones to be connected to each other to share the audio signal so that children -from the age of three- can study and have fun together.

Another aspect to take into account in this type of device for the youngest members of the family is the design, which must be comfortable and compact so that they can transport it themselves without problems, and have easy to use play buttons, One-touch recommended. In addition, the box includes stickers to customize the helmets and a folding cardboard character.


Another of Energy Sistem’s proposals for this ‘Back to School’ is the Lol&Roll Pop Kids Speaker, which adapts to the needs of children in their first contact with technology and guarantees their safety. This device is primarily intended for listen to music, watch youtube kids videosenjoy audiobooks or do some school work that requires listening to audio.

This speaker connects to both the computer, the mobile phone or the ‘tablet’ using Bluetooth wireless technology. With Music Share function you can also share the audio signal with a second speaker wirelessly.

This mini speaker has a carrying strap included to carry it and hang it wherever the user wants, as well as a lithium battery with up to 3 hours of autonomy. Its light weight and the variety of colors makes it adapt to the rhythm of the little ones. The safety lanyard is also removable and the buttons have simple one-touch commands.

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