Aznar blesses Feijóo’s fiscal offensive

Jose Maria Aznar celebrates the fiscal offensive against the Government promoted by the PP. “What Madrid and Andalusia are doing is extraordinarily healthy. Only progress can come from that,” Aznar assured this Friday in an act together with Alberto Nunez Feijoo. He also said that the tax on large fortunes announced by the Executive is typical of a “disoriented and carnivorous left” that is based on saying “how do I eat taxes for you?”

According to Aznar, “if we are 200,000 thousand rich (in Spain) is misery, we need six million rich people here, at least”. The former Prime Minister believes that “the tax competition” that has begun is good because Spain is a country in which “the financial muscle is lacking to do stuff”.

In the same vein, Feijóo assured that the Government’s economic policy “cannot last five more years” because “it is incompatible with the euro. This Friday and INE has raised economic growth to 1.5% in the second quarter above the period previous.

Aznar and Feijóo spoke in these terms in a colloquium with which they closed the Campus of the FAES Foundation of 2022 and in which their harmony became evident. “I think you meet all the conditions to be the next president,” Aznar told the current president of the PP. “We will do our best to help you,” he guaranteed.

The appointment was symbolic for Genoa because they sought to reinforce the image of unity around Feijóo’s leadership within the party. The event, which was held in Madrid, was attended by a large part of the PP leadership, the mayor of Madrid José Luis Martínez Almeida, or the former minister Ángel Acebes. The president of the Community was not present, Isabel Diaz Ayuso.

Feijóo criticizes the inaction of Brussels

In addition, Feijóo criticized this Friday the management that is being done from Brussels of the war in Ukraine. “In my experience in these six months as president, I miss that determination and that speed in the Union’s decisions,” he assured. In his opinion, since the war began “there are no big news either.”


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