Ayuso says that the PSOE candidates are “ashamed” of Sánchez and are “afraid of a phrase”: “That Txapote vote for you”

Charge against the “authoritarian” and “illegitimate” government of Sánchez and remember Zaplana because he was not treated like Griñán despite cancer

MADRID, 14 Jan. (.) –

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has charged harshly against the “authoritarian” government of Pedro Sánchez and his “rupturist” agenda and has affirmed that it has become an “illegitimate” project. In addition, she has affirmed that before the elections of May 28, the ‘barons’ and candidates of the PSOE are “ashamed” of the head of the Executive but, above all, they are “afraid” of the phrase: “Let Txapote vote for you”.

In her speech at the presentation of the PP’s regional candidates for the May elections in Zaragoza, Ayuso was convinced that May 28 will be “the first step” for a “change” that “will restore illusion and tranquility to the Spaniards” because “they feel afraid” and “they are victims of this injustice” of the Executive of PSOE and Unidas Podemos.

“We have to prevent them from continuing to twist the laws, from pardoning the coup plotters, from reducing the sentences for seditious and embezzlers, from releasing sexual offenders, from insulting judges, from scaring away investors, from scrapping Spain, from ruin it, destroy it and fill all the institutions with Tezanos to entrench themselves in La Moncloa”, he declared.


With just over four months to go before the elections, Ayuso has indicated that the objective of the PP should be to try to “stop and correct the abuses” of the Government and has stressed that the PP is the “main stumbling block to the rupturist project” of the head of the Executive . As he added, it is about defending Spain, “whatever the cost”, from the “totalitarian attitudes” of the Government of PSOE and Unidas Podemos.

The Madrid president has assured that today “neither athletes nor actors nor journalists can openly say that they are not from the left” and has anticipated a tough electoral campaign. “We will see things during this year 2023 that will freeze our blood”, she said, to remember the escraches, the ‘no to war’ and “everything as always” with the aim that the Popular Party “does not govern”.

“I want to say a piece of advice that I always give to the candidates that I am convinced that as of May 28 they will govern in their respective autonomous communities: there is no good government of the PP without its due demonstration at the door,” he exclaimed.

In addition, he has warned that the PSOE candidates now “become popular” and “deny him.” “The socialist barons and the socialist candidates, not only in communities, but also in town halls, are ashamed of Pedro Sánchez. However, this has a further reason and that is that the socialist candidates are afraid of a phrase: that Txapote vote for you” , he has proclaimed, reaping a loud applause from the audience.

Faced with this, he stressed that the PP is today with Alberto Núñez Feijóo in Zaragoza in “a united project, which has things clear and, above all, which has principles.” And she has been convinced that they will win on May 28 because the citizens do not want to remain “idly by” in the face of what is happening despite the fact that the PSOE thought that “they could swallow everything.”

“Spain is not for sale and neither are the Spanish,” he asserted, to promise to “reverse all the ideological and sectarian laws” that the Sánchez government is taking as soon as Feijóo and the PP govern the territories and arrive at La Moncloa.


After assuring that “silent” Spain is looking at the PP and “wants” it to reach the Government, he has asked the party’s candidates to fight “all the battles”, just as citizens should do, and be a “counterweight” to Pedro Sánchez before the “damage” and the “division” that it is causing in Spain.

Ayuso has indicated that this electoral year is going to be long for the chief executive, but the PP is only waiting for “the more than eight thousand motions of censure that are going to put Sánchez’s project at the polls in the month of May in all the towns and municipalities of Spain”.

Faced with the “transcendental” elections they are facing, he has accused the Prime Minister of wanting “impoverished projects for subsidized citizens” that “scare away the self-employed, investors and those who create jobs.”

At this point, he has criticized that now the vice president of the Government is going against supermarkets in an “excessive and infamous attack”, within his purpose to create a country “subsidized and dependent on the State” with a “weakened” society.

According to Ayuso, the Prime Minister will be remembered for “not having been loved by anyone” and “not having done good for anyone” but “yes, having sown fear among his own and fabricated hatred against half of Spain.”


In a speech loaded with harsh messages against Sánchez, Ayuso has affirmed that the Government is the “most authoritarian” in Spain and has alluded to the so-called ‘Azud case’ that affects “the socialists of the Valencian Community due to a complaint from their own treasurer”. , emphasizing that the PP “is not going to allow the normalization of corruption.”

The Madrid president has indicated that this in a PP government “would have kicked out the entire government” and has said that Pedro Sánchez came to Moncloa “for something much lesser, illegitimately and then with a legitimate project to the institutions to return to stop being.”

On this point, he has criticized the “double yardstick” in the ranks of the PSOE and has pointed out that while “humanitarian treatment” is now being requested for the former president of the Andalusian Government, José Antonio Griñán, the “popular” Eduardo Zaplana “without trial he was treated worse than a beast” despite the fact that “he was going to receive his chemotherapy sessions.”

“(Zaplana) left jail, without trial, handcuffed and no one ever put themselves in his place for human reasons,” emphasized the Madrid president, a message that has garnered a standing ovation from the audience.

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