Ayuso joins Vox and will eliminate the concept of “gender self-determination” in the Madrid trans law

Rocío Monasterio asks you in the Madrid Assembly to eliminate the concept of “gender self-determination” from LGTBI legislation and Isabel Diaz Ayuso he answers yes. The PP folds to Vox, at the same time that it cuts the grass under its feet, as the far-right leader perhaps did not expect this reaction to a proposal that she had shunned until now.

The “gender self-determination” It appears in two legislative texts approved in 2016 with the vote in favor of the PP, then led by former president Cristina Cifuentes. With this transphobic measure, Ayuso adopts the ultras theses, but also steals Vox’s argument. A hostile ideological takeover bid before the imminent regional elections.

The play has a double interpretation, since the popular leader lashes out at the Government’s trans law, in a strategy of permanent confrontation with Pedro Sánchez. However, Ayuso has been prudent and has made it clear to Monasterio that, before the snip, the rule must be approved by Congress.

“We are going to see what monstrosity they manufacture from the seats on the left and the ultra-left and what they concoct before making a wrong decision in this Chamber,” explained the Madrid president. “There is only one small nuance missing: how and when to do things,” Ayuso added in the face of Monasterio’s haste, who had asked him to be “brave.”

The self-determination of gender allows the change of name and sex by the simple will of the interested party in the documents issued by the Community of Madrid. After the elimination of the concept, Ayuso could repeal the trans law from Madrid, but first he wants the state rule to “correct excesses” to come into force.

During the control session of the Madrid Assembly, Ayuso took advantage of the response to Monasterio to attack another law approved by the Government: “If they have put in place a law that is supposed to go against rape and directly puts rapists and sexual abusers in the street, what won’t they do with the rest of the laws”.

For this reason, the president insisted, she will measure the times and act “with her head” so as not to make mistakes or “solve the ballot for the gentlemen of the left.” She stopped dead like this Dew Monasterywho after hearing surprised his commitment to repeal the law demanded that it be done in the next plenary session.

There is a reason why Cifuentes included “gender self-determination” in the Law on Gender Identity and Expression and Social Equality and Non-Discrimination, as well as in the Law on Comprehensive Protection against LGBTIphobia and Discrimination for Reasons of Sexual Orientation and Identity : governed in a minority and needed the opposition to legislate.

Although Ayuso governs alone, now he relies on the crutch of vox, whose deputies are necessary to carry out their initiatives in the Assembly. However, rather than buying Monasterio’s speech, he has appropriated it in an attempt to steal voters from him. Thus, he has stressed that the process to eliminate the concept will start from his parliamentary group.

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