Ayuso announces a battery of tax deductions and the new self-employed will not pay the fee in their first year

Criticism of the central government, barrage of announcements with more tax reductions and defense of the Spanish Office. This has been the intervention of around two hours of Isabel Díaz Ayuso during the debate on the state of the region of the Community of Madrid in which he has taken the opportunity to sell himself as a “counterweight” to Pedro Sánchez.

The leader of the PP has made it clear that she does not plan to deviate from the path of tax cuts: “Less taxes, fewer legislative obstacles and therefore, more freedom of choice.” That is her recipe and so she has set it again this Monday by announcing a range of new tax deductions. Thus, in the Community of Madrid, the new self-employed will not pay the fee during their first year. “Our flat rate will become zero rate,” Ayuso proclaimed. During the second year, neither will those who invoice below the minimum interprofessional salary.

It has also announced that it will advance the income tax deflation autonomous to this same year: “This year we have made the biggest drop in personal income tax in the history of the Community of Madrid and we have eliminated all our own taxes,” he boasted.

Regarding the new deductions, he mentioned three: one for the acquisition of a habitual residence motivated by the birth or adoption of children; another for large families, who will pay only half of the regional income tax fee for 3 years; and a third deduction for the payment of mortgage interest for under 30 years old. They will also expand some existing ones.

new house plan

Ayuso, who still does not offer the rental voucher to young people approved by the Government after more than half a year in force, has however highlighted in his speech that housing is a “matter of the utmost importance”, especially for young people, and recognized that “access to it becomes a barrier in the big capitals.” In this sense, he has announced a new housing plan taking advantage of public land.

The Youth Solution Plan, Ayuso assured, will consist of the mobilization of public land for young people under 35 years of age to access a rent of less than €600. The lease will last between 5 and 7 years or until you turn 35.

Salary increases for teachers

In addition, another of the more than 60 measures announced by the president is that there will be an increase in teachers’ salaries by 1,050 euros per year, and in those of teachers by 1,260 euros, both public and concerted. The global package of salary increases will involve an annual investment of 140 million euros, starting in January 2023, according to the Madrid president. She has also stated that the Community of Madrid will finance breakfasts in infant and primary schools; as well as the promotion of a new Erasmus-Baccalaureate.

Ayuso has insisted that his educational model is a “freedom model” that “is based on equal opportunities” as opposed to the one promoted by the central government, which he has described as a “great left-wing scam on youth.” The president of the Community of Madrid has spent months distancing herself from the roadmap of the Ministry of Education in matters, for example, of inclusion of the gender perspective in the educational system.

Spanish Office

The controversy regarding the Spanish Office after the recent resignation of Toni Cantó has also occupied space in Ayuso’s intervention, although, yes, without naming the actor. Ayuso insists on defending the body, despite the doubts about its operation, and assures that the office “is obtaining great results”. The truth is that, for the moment, the decision has been made that it be the Minister of Culture who assumes the tasks of Cantó.


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