At the beginning of the post-Gago era, Racing suffered a tough 2-1 defeat against Platense

In game corresponding to the eighth date of the League Cup, Racing Club did not have a good result after being defeated 2 to 1 in their stadium against Platense. With this result, those from Avellaneda lost positions in their area and were stationed in fourth position.

The goals of the match were scored by Nicolás Castro and Ronaldo Martínez for the visit, while Baltasar Rodríguez was in charge of the discount for the team led by the duo made up of Sebastián Grazzini and Ezequiel Videla.

The match began with the visiting team’s advantage, after a foul against Gaston Suso. Immediately, Dario Herrera confirmed the decision to grant those of Palermo the advantage through the goal scored from twelve steps by Castro.

Already in the complement, the Academy was closer to achieving the tie, but after a bad start, a ball from Ciro Ruis he ended up making it concrete Martinez, who could overcome the resistance of Gabriel Arias in the 55th minute.

In the final stretch of the match, the locals had the superiority and managed to improve the situation with a great goal scored by Rodriguez. In principle it had been invalidated, but the VAR confirmed that the player racing It was in a correct position.

On the next day of the championship the racing team will visit Sarmiento, Meanwhile he Squid will do the same in their stadium before Students from La Plata.

Statistics of the match between Racing and Estudiantes LP


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