Artist Julieta Hernández was murdered in Brazil

Those responsible for the murder of Julieta Hernández are a man and a woman, who attacked her to steal her cell phone. Both are detained and awaiting the presentation hearing. The artist had lived in Sao Paulo since 2016 and was part of the feminist collective “Circo di SoLadies”, a theater company in which she performed as the “clown Jujuba.”

Julieta Hernández, a Venezuelan circus artist and bicycle traveler, was murdered in the Amazonas state of Brazil, specifically in the city of Presidente Figueiredo. Her body was found on the night of Friday, January 5, next to her bicycle, which was destroyed. The last telephone contact she had with her acquaintances was on December 23.

According to the Portal Do Urubi, the woman was “brutally attacked by a couple” to steal her cell phone. The authorities reported that Hernández was attacked by Thiago da Silva, 32 years old, and by Deliomara dos Anjos Santos, 29 years old. Responsible for the murder and hiding the body.

Dos Anjos Santos confessed that his partner, under the influence of drugs and alcohol, not only threatened the victim with a knife to steal her phone, but also sexually abused her. Out of jealousy, Thiago da Silva’s partner poured alcohol on them and set them on fire. The man fled in search of medical attention and that is when Deliomara dos Anjos Santos hanged Hernández with a rope.

The body of the Venezuelan artist was buried in the backyard of a house that was under the care of the murderers after wrapping the body in canvas, carpet and foliage. Some of Julieta Hernández’s belongings were found on the roof of this home and the murderers confessed that the other objects were thrown into the Urubui River.

Both perpetrators of the crime have been arrested and are awaiting their presentation hearing.

Julieta Hernández, 37 years old, had lived in Sao Paulo since 2016 and was part of the feminist collective “Circo di SoLadies”, a theater company in which she performed as the “clown Jujuba.” Two months ago he had left on his bicycle with the intention of reaching Puerto Ordaz, Bolívar state, to spend the end of the year with his mother, indicated the theater group.

The “Circo di SóLadies” described the murder of the artist as feminicide and said that, like her, its members continue to “dream of a world in which women can walk without fear, children are free to play and clowns “Only take off your noses when you go to rest.”

Missing teenager

On the other hand, in Peru, Oriana Karolaya Alvizo Nava, a 14-year-old Venezuelan, has been missing since December 13, 2023 in Lima.

The young woman disappeared while selling ice cream on the street in the Malecón Checa area, San Juan de Lurigancho district. The authorities continue the search for her.

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