Artificial intelligence: the four principles necessary to make it a revolution

If 2023 is remembered as the year in which the Artificial intelligence became popular in the consumer market, it’s a safe bet that 2024 will be the year companies follow it en masse. But for executives who aspire to not simply follow, but truly lead, this coming revolution, there are certain principles that must be kept in mind.

First of all, Companies must be AI value creators.

There is three different ways of consuming generative AI: the first is buy software that has generative AI integrated, the second is Consult third party models via API calls and the third party is create (and then consult) own foundational models that take advantage of public and private data.

Today, most companies focus on the first two adoption patterns as they represent the easiest path to experiment and discover valuable use cases. But while it’s fine for consumers to ride the wave as AI users who don’t have to pay attention to its inner workings, forward-thinking companies They simply don’t have that luxury. They have proprietary information, intellectual property and trade secrets to protect, and ethical, legal and reputational requirements to respect.

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Companies should carefully consider the competitive advantage they might be conceding by handing over their data to be encoded in a core model that is not their own, and the value of the insights contained in their data. A company that is capable of creating its own AI models (and remember, not everyone has to be huge) is a company that controls its own destiny.

Not only can they train, tune, and govern their own AI to make the most of these constantly evolving technologies; as value creators, they have real ownership over the protection, control, innovation and monetization of what will become one of their most important resources. Precious Assets: Enterprise foundational models that encode your most valuable data.

The task of creating a foundational model for a company may seem daunting, but it is not. That’s why we created watsonxto empower companies to become value creators, own the source of their competitive advantage and control their destiny.

In second place, Business leaders should invest in the community.

It’s already clear that wherever AI goes in the coming years, one closed model won’t rule them all. This revolution will be driven by energy and the ingenuity from the entire AI community, a decidedly open community. By integrating a combination of the best open source models, proprietary models, and ultimately their own created models, companies can be in a position to take full advantage of that community.

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In third place, Companies must ensure their AI can work everywhere and efficiently.

By building with hybrid and open cloud technologies, companies can optimize cost, performance, and latency. Enterprises must manage their most valuable data and train, tune, and deploy AI models seamlessly across public and private clouds and on-premise.

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Finally, while business leaders act with urgency, they must also act responsibly.

There’s no doubt we’ve reached an inflection point for AI, and executives’ instinct to act boldly is a good one. No one wants to be left behind in the face of the advancement of these technologies and, frankly, no one can afford to let this moment pass.

But in the eyes of each company’s customers, investors, employees and peers, a license is needed to operate this interesting new machinery: that license is trust. Unless each of us puts responsible governance at the heart of our use of AI, Its new risks will eventually drown out its extraordinary benefits.

This moment, even more than most, demands trustworthy leadership from the private sector, and in turn, it will reward that trustworthy leadership. Good AI is governed AI, And for those hoping to lead the charge, instilling this principle in everything you do will go a long way toward solidifying your position at the front of the pack.

*Software Manager at IBM Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

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