Arrested in London a Russian oligarch accused of money laundering

The United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA) reported this Saturday of the arrest in London of a Russian oligarchwhose identity has not been revealed, accused of alleged crimes of money launderingconspiracy to defraud the Ministry of the Interior and perjury.

The 58-year-old businessman was arrested this Thursday at his “multimillion-dollar residence” in the British capital along with one of his 35-year-old employees, who was discovered by the agents when he was leaving the home. carrying a bag with thousands of pounds in cashdetailed the NCA in a statement.

In the same operation, a third man, 39 years old, former boyfriend of the businessman’s current partner, has been arrested, the security forces indicated.

More than fifty agents have been involved in the device to arrest the Russian oligarch, an operation that has led to the search of a property in London, the seizure of various digital devices and a “significant” amount of cash.

“The NCA anti-kleptocracy cell created this year is achieving significant successes in investigating potential criminal activity by oligarchs and the service providers that support them,” said the agency’s CEO, Graeme Biggar.

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