Arce challenges Cruceños to discuss at a table who has the best plan for that region

Following a harsh criticism of Santa Cruz leaders for prioritizing conflict over discussion, President Luis Arce challenged them to sit down at a table to discuss their plans for the construction of Santa Cruz and see who has the best proposal.

The challenge was made during the 54th anniversary of the Union Federation of Intercultural Communities of Agricultural Producers of Santa Cruz. “There is no project or horizon for the department to discuss and they go to blows. We repudiate these attitudes. May they have the courage and courage to sit at a table and discuss who has the best idea to build Santa Cruz,” she said, to applause from the interculturals gathered on Friday.

The authority pointed out that there were “very difficult moments” that social organizations went through in Santa Cruz and that they are still going through, because, according to what he said, “there is abuse and bullying.”

“Here in Santa Cruz they don’t want to discuss politically and they go to blows and attacks. That simply reveals that there are no ideas, principles or values ​​to discuss”, she maintained.

After delivering an act of equipment for the offices of the Federation of Interculturals, as a gift for their anniversary, he stated that his obligation is to strengthen social organizations, because they own the process of change and the Government.

“Since the beginning of our Government, we have bet on the unity of our social organizations, the political instrument and the Bolivian people; with a single goal, to ensure that our change process continues,” he said.

He was emphatic in pointing out that the change process is not one or two people. “Our jilata David Choquehuanca always says it; Tupak Katari said we will return and we will be millions, not one or two, millions. We have to work on that, ”he said.

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