Aragonès will not go to the Diada independence demonstration because it is “against the parties”

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has decided not to attend this year’s Diada demonstration organized by the ANC because he considers it to be a protest “against the parties and not against the State”. In fact, according to sources from the Presidency, their participation would not be consistent with the approach made by the organizers themselves.

Aragonés considers that his participation would not be consistent with the approach of the ANC

Aragonès considers that it is a demonstration “against political parties and institutions, and not against the Spanish State, which deepens the divergences of independence.” In an interview in The vanguardthe president of the ANC, Dolors Feliuwarned that if Aragonès does not finally go to the demonstration it is because “he is not involved in the independence project”.

In addition, Feliu defended that the mobilization called in Barcelona is not against politicians. “It’s about making independence and telling them that if they don’t comply with it, we’ll do it the same with different means, always democratic and peaceful,” he added.

On the other hand, Aragonès considers that only with the union of the street, parties and institutions, despite the diversity of opinions and divergences, can independence be achieved. And he reaffirms that this is the objective of the Government and that it will use “all the tools you need”. In any case, it summons citizens to participate in the events of the Diada, also in all those that claim the freedom of Catalonia. Likewise, from the Presidency they underline “the importance of continuing to raise our voices in the street and everywhere”.

The president of the ANC warns that if he does not go it is because he is not involved in independence

The president also asks that attention not be “diverted” from what is really important: that people still claiming independence. And, therefore, that the focus is not on their non-participation in the demonstration called by the ANC. Likewise, he also demands that the independence movement “avoid looking at each other sideways among fellow travelers.”

Aragonès will participate in other acts of the Diada

Sources from the Presidency have recalled that Aragonès will participate in several events during the Diada, starting with the offering to Rafael Casanova in Barcelona and the subsequent one in Sant Boi, followed by several acts organized by different entities, and ending with the institutional act of the Diada in Montjuïc. They also underline that Aragonès has participated in the Diada demonstrations since his adolescence and that he will continue to participate in all the demands for independence.

Artur Mas never attended the Diada demonstrations as president

The presidents of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont and Quim Torra they participated in the ANC pro-independence mobilization every year while they were chief executives. Instead, Artur Mas decided not to attend to preserve his institutional profile, and did not participate until he ceased to be president of the Generalitat. Instead, Aragonès did attend in 2021, but this year he will not be present.


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