Apple will launch its own search engine in at least four years, according to The Information

A tablet with the Google search engine – PEXELS

MADRID, Nov. 15 (Portaltic/EP) –

Manzana continues to work and invest part of its resources in the development of a search engine that would serve as an alternative to that of Google, with which it currently works, and whose launch would take place in at least four years.

The company carries since 2018 developing this service for the web. Exactly since bought the machine learning startup Laserlike, founded by three demanding Google, as recalled by 9to5Mac, which includes the analysis carried out by The Information.

Until now, the team in charge of developing this search engine was led by the co-founder of Laserlike, Srinivasan Venkatachary, who had 200 employees in their ranks and that during this time they have been working on the improvement of features like Spotlightsuggestions of siri or Siri voice assistant responses.

However, Venkatachary and other managers who migrated from Google to Apple have returned to the Chrome developer company, which would have delayed the development of this project, sources close to the company have told The Information.

The analysis recalls that Apple currently receives between 18 and 20 billion dollars from Google to maintain its search engine on the devices it manufactures, which could be a problem in the short term due to the antitrust investigation in which Google is currently involved. . That would justify the investment of resources that the iPhone manufacturer is allocating to the creation of its own search engine.

In any case, the study determines that it is not clear if Apple plans to launch its own search engine or not, but if it does, it will still have four years to go before it is presented, as confirmed by sources.

In this case, in addition, Apple would be forced to allocate more investment to its development team. However, it is not ruled out that Apple reaches an agreement with Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, similar to the one you have with Google.

Meanwhile, the company focuses on strengthening the system of Apple Music and App Store searchas well as using the technology available to generate information for developers of applications that use the language, such as translators.

It should be remembered that two years ago, the Financial times announced that Apple was working on developing its own search engine and had started adding features in iOS 14 and stepping up the work of its search bot, Applebot.

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