Apple will detail the reasons why it removes apps from the App Store, according to the Financial Times

MADRID, 12 Jan. (Portaltic/EP) –

Manzana will give more details about the reasons why it removes applications from its virtual store, App Store, in order to reinforce your commitment of transparency, as recently reported by the Financial Times newspaper.

The technology company removes services from this platform for different reasons. One of them is obsolescence, that is, when these ‘apps’ do not meet certain requirements to function correctly.

The App Store also kills applications that violate its store policy, as happened with Fortnite, a video game that was removed from the App Store after it introduced a payment system different from Apple’s within the game.

The company is also removing some apps quietly and by order of some governments, which don’t allow certain services to work in their countries. This is the case of WhatsApp and Signal, which cannot be used in Chinaas recalled by the Financial Times, which has advanced information revealed by sources close to the company.

This medium even affirms that during the first six months of 2021the Asian country made 34 requests to withdraw 89 applications for violating the law, which Apple accepted as stated in the company’s transparency reports.

It also indicates that the brand’s investors requested a few months ago greater transparency in the relations that the manufacturer maintains with foreign States, an issue that Apple hopes to resolve. providing these investors with more details about deleted apps.

Currently, the iPhone developer only communicates to them the number of applications that it has requested to remove from each country, if said request responds to a legal violation of its terms and conditions and if Apple He has come to delete them from the store.

People close to Apple have also confirmed that the maker has agreed to share the number of apps it removes by country, for violating App Store guidelines or developer licence.

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