Apple plans to integrate a healthy delivery service into Apple Health, according to Gurman

MADRID, May 9. (Portaltic/EP) –

Manzana is working on new improvements and functionalities in some of its native services, such as Apple Pay, Apple Fitness+ and Apple Health, in which it plans to integrate a service similar to Instacart, a ‘delivery’ intended for the purchase of healthy nutrition.

According to analyst Mark Gurman in his ‘Power On’ newsletter for Bloomberg, the company is developing new features for its health-related services, physical care. or payments.

Specifically, as reported by 9to5Mac based on this bulletin, Gurman has indicated that Apple is working on improving its mobile payment service ApplePay, where you plan to implement a non-immediate payment system.

This would allow you to pay for purchases in installments, an option that some credit cards also offer and that would come to be called Buy Now, Pay Later (‘buy now, pay later’).

This functionality would not be new, since Bloomberg announced in July of last year that the company was developing this model for encourage iPhone users to use your phone for everyday transactions.

On the other hand, Gurman has assured in this bulletin that the technological manufacturer intends to integrate a function similar to instacart, a platform for home delivery of food and healthy eating.

This feature would allow products such as vegetables and fruit to be purchased through its service for nutrition and health care, AppleHealth.

These purchases would be integrated “with nutritional data of the application”, so that users could know the calories, sugars and other data of the products purchased through this service and consumed.

Likewise, Gurman has advanced that those from Cupertino plan to expand the options of Apple Finance+ with new exercises thanks to the implementation of the latest version of its iOS 16 operating system.

Finally, Mark Gurman has taken advantage of his ‘newsletter’ to give new details about the hardware subscription program announced at the end of last March.

This proposal will allow users to purchase a device from the brand, such as an iPhone or an iPad, paying a certain amount monthly. According to a past Gurman bulletin, this service would come at the end of 2022 or early 2023.

Now, Gurman has pointed out that signing up for this plan could be as easy as activating a paid subscription to some of Apple’s services through your account. AppStore.

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