Apple introduces the new off-road watch Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra – MANZANA

MADRID, Sep. 7 (Portaltic/EP) –

Apple has updated its range of smartwatches with the new Apple Watch series 8, which introduces a new temperature sensor to improve menstrual cycle tracking, and has introduced the new Apple Watch Ultra off-road watch.

The company has presented “the best line of Apple Watch to date”, Apple Watch Series 8, which in addition to reinforcing its durability against water, dust and shocks that can break the screen, has also introduced new features in health, safety and connectivity.

Apple Watch Series 8 introduces a new temperature sensor that improves menstrual cycle monitoring by enabling a new metric, biphasic shift, which allows you to calculate when ovulation will occur based on changes in temperature caused by hormones.

This new metric, along with temperature and heart rate, offers a broader view of the menstrual cycle, as highlighted by the company.

In security, Apple Watch introduces ‘crash detection’, the detection of car accidents. When it occurs, it determines the user’s location and notifies contacts or calls emergency services. And to ensure that the battery lasts long hours, Apple has introduced a saving mode, which offers up to 36 hours on a single charge.

Apple Watch will also feature International Roaming. Apple has indicated that this service will be available with more than 30 operators around the world by the end of the year.

Apple Watch Series 8 is available for pre-order starting this Wednesday, and will go on sale on September 16 for $3,999 for the GPS model and $499 for mobile connectivity.

Along with Series 8, the new Apple Watch SE has also been presented, with a redesign of the back cover, manufactured with a new process that reduces the carbon footprint. Among the new health functions, such as irregular heart rhythm detection, it incorporates SiP 8 that improves speed by 20% and a screen 30% larger than the series 3.

The new proposal of this product range is Apple Watch Ultra, a device designed to be used outdoors, in extreme sports. In addition to offering a more durable body, it features the company’s largest and brightest display ever on a watch.

This equipment is also controlled with the digital crown and a protruding button, and incorporates an advanced audio system, with three microphones and software that ensures clear calls even in strong winds.

Apple Watch Ultra has mobile connectivity, GPS (L1 + L5) and a battery that offers 36 hours of autonomy on a single charge, although it can be extended up to 60 hours with a new optimization that will arrive at the end of the year. It will be available on September 23 for $799.

This watch has a new diving app, Oceanic +, which includes a dive planner, and with data on water temperature, tides and pressure. It is controlled with simple gestures, to facilitate underwater handling, and includes instructions on safety stops once the route is complete.

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