Anti-violence asks the clubs to “immediately” condemn racist acts like that of Vinicius

He proposes to LaLiga that messages against xenophobia be displayed on the next day after the chants of the last Madrid derby

MADRID, Sep. 22 (.) –

The Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sport has asked football clubs to condemn “immediately” racist acts such as the chants by Atlético de Madrid fans against Vinicius Júnior in the surroundings of the Cívitas Metropolitan before the last derby against Real Madrid.

In its meeting this Thursday at the CSD, Antiviolence analyzed the “regrettable incidents” carried out by that group of fans in the vicinity of the Metropolitano, and expressed its “firm condemnation” for the “deplorable racist and intolerant manifestations” directed at the Real Madrid player CF Vinicius Júnior, “rejecting any type of racist and xenophobic expressions and behaviors in the field of football and sport in general”.

Likewise, said commission demanded that the soccer clubs condemn them “jointly and immediately” at the time these “undesirable behaviors” occur. In this sense, it has transferred a proposal to LaLiga so that messages rejecting racism and xenophobia are displayed on the pitches next week for LaLiga Santander and SmartBank.

Likewise, he urged the football clubs to collaborate actively in the identification of offenders who, protected among the rest of the fans, “tarnish the image of Spanish football and sport”, reminding them of the duty they have foreseen in the Law of July 2007 against violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport.

Finally, Antiviolence reported that it is carrying out the pertinent actions to identify the offenders and raise the corresponding sanction proposal.

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