Anti-union Gestapo: surveillance and armed causes by order of former Argentine president Mauricio Macri

During the government of let’s change, a coalition led by Argentina between 2015 and 2019, there was a systematic espionage plan that focused on the unions, particularly in the province of Buenos Aires. The then President of Argentina Mauricio Macri and the then Buenos Aires governor Mary Eugenia Vidal were responsible for this mass surveillance, as were the authorities of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI).

That is the tone of the opinion that the front of allcoalition of which they are in command Alberto Fernandez Y Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, (FdT) is preparing to approve this Tuesday at the Bicameral Intelligence Commission (CBI), which chairs Leopold Moreau and that for almost the entire last year she was engaged in investigating how intelligence functioned in the province of Buenos Aires after a video was released in which spies, officials, and businessmen coordinated to put the trade unionist in jail Juan Pablo ‘Pata’ Medina. The opposition will try to ensure that the scandal does not spread to the highest echelons of macrismo and that everything remains confined to the agents who carried out the espionage tasks.

The plenary session that will begin at 2:00 p.m. does not promise to be calm. The FdT – which has eight deputies and senators – will seek to approve the second opinion on the espionage in macrismo. This time he will not make a general panorama, but will focus on what happened in the province of Buenos Aires. Together for Change -with six deputies and senators- will ensure that the issue does not escalate towards Macri and Vidal.

It is likely that it will start from the controversy and even go through gerardo milmanthe deputy that integrates the CBI for Republican Proposal (PRO) and who, furthermore, is in the center of attention due to his possible knowledge of the attack against Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Cristina Caamaño’s complaint about the Gestapo

On December 27, the AFI comptroller Cristina Caamano denounced the discovery of the recording of a meeting in the Province Bank (Bapro) where it was agreed how to prosecute Medina. The meeting had taken place on June 15, 2017. In the video you could hear Marcelo Villegas taking the lead in the meeting. Villegas, then Vidal’s Minister of Labor, was so euphoric that he became enthusiastic about the formation of a Gestapo to end the unions.

The day after the complaint, the CBI met and agreed that a subcommittee would investigate the call Gestapo. The topic was left to Rodolfo Tailhade Y Eduardo Valdesby the FdT, and from the radical Miguel Bazze, by Together for Change. The tasks involved from visits to the Buenos Aires headquarters of Bapro to understand how the cameras and microphones were installed to the summons of more than 20 people. Among them were the leaders of the AFI macrista Gustavo Arribas Y Silvia Majdalanias well as the three agency officials who had been at the meeting: the former chief of staff Dario Biorcithe former managing director of Legal Affairs Juan Sebastián de Stefano and the former operational director of Counterintelligence Diego Dalmau Pereyra.

The general strategy was silence because it was an issue that was being discussed in Justice. However, Dalmau Pereyra appeared and ratified what he had said in the case that the federal judge was investigating. Ernest Kreplak: that he had participated in the installation of cameras and microphones obeying an order from Arribas. The CBI also cited former agents who confirmed that they spied on Pata Medina. Such was the case with Leandro Araqueone of the famous members of the group Super Mario Broswhose original nucleus was made up of police officers from Buenos Aires who went on commission to the AFI in the first days of the administration let’s change.

There were other spies who also came forward and told that they were doing intelligence work without a warrant at the Alejandro Posadas Hospital. Jorge ‘Turco’ Saez He talked about surveillance at the polyclinic. The same as Mercedes Funes Silva, another former member of the Super Mario Bros. There were others who reported that they went to spy on Luis Carzogliothe Avellaneda judge who ended up suspended for not advancing with the arrest of Hugo and Pablo Moyano, as De Stefano and the then director of Analysis of the AFI suggested Fernando DiPasquale.

The keys of the opinion

For what he could rebuild Page 12, the majority opinion of the CBI will maintain that Vidal decided where the AFI would disembark in Buenos Aires territory. Those who involved the former governor in the saturation of spies in the province were Arribas and Majdalani, in a statement they gave in the Bicameral in 2019. Historically, the SIDE had three bases in the province: in sea ​​of ​​silver, the silver Y White Bay. Between 2016 and 2017, AFI delegations tripled in what became known as the AMBA project. Six new bases were installed in Ezeiza, Quilmes, Pilar, San Martín, Haedo-Morón and La Matanza.

Macri and Vidal were interested in spying on Pata Medina. Macri, in fact, participated in a meeting that was held on June 4, 2017 in the Pink House. The meeting was attended by Villegas and Arribas. After that day, espionage began on the leader of the Construction Workers Union (UCRA).
At the meeting at the Banco Provincia there were provincial officials and three heavyweights from the AFI. Villegas said that there was coordination at the local, provincial and national government levels.

There was a criminal prosecution against some unions. Medina ended up in jail in September 2017. The AFI was also interested in arresting the Moyanos. For that they went to see two judges, Carzoglio and Gabriel Vitale. The two declared it in the CBI.

Simultaneously, a provincial mayor’s office was intervened. The intention, according to the spies, was to have everything prepared to house the leaders of the Teamsters Union. When he declared in 2020, Sáez said that Alan Ruiz was the one who was betting on that goal. Ruiz was a man of Patricia Bullrich in the Ministery of security who passed to AFI in mid-2018 and took over an area of Special operations.

The judicial alibi

The CBI took more than 20 statements and required reports to the courts. The Gestapo case advanced by the hand of Judge Kreplak, but days ago the Court of Cassation ordered him to be transferred to the courts of Commodore Py. There, it will remain in the hands of judge Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi, who is in charge of the plot surrounding the Super Mario Bros.

Within that file, Giorgi Martinez He listened as a witness to Carzoglio, who recounted that he suffered pressure from the AFI to order the Moyanos to be arrested. The Posadas case is currently in the court of Maria Eugenia Capuchetti after a long dispute with Martínez de Giorgi to settle who would have to investigate the issue.

The best defense of Together for Change will probably come from the courts and particularly from the Buenos Aires Federal Chamber, who already said last year that there was no systematic espionage plan during the macrismo. On the contrary, the chambermaids Mariano Llorens Y Paul Bertuzzi They validated the version of the macrismo that indicated that the spies were acting on their own account.

That same court also revoked all the indictments that the judges had handed down. Alejo Ramos Padilla Y Martin Bava in the cause of AMBA project and they dismissed Macri in the investigation into the surveillance of the ARA San Juan families.

The problem with this case is that the Gestapo video shows three of the most influential men of the macrista AFI in action and one of them even declared that the order came from Arribas, the friend more “accustomed to the traps” of Macri.

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