Áñez claims to feel “strong” despite the hunger strike and affirms that she will “resist”

MADRID, Feb. 14 (.) –

The former president of Bolivia Jeanine Áñez has assured that she feels “strong” despite having been on a hunger strike for several days and has affirmed that she will “resist”, after eleven months in preventive detention.

In a handwritten letter released through her account on the social network Twitter, which manages her circle, the former president has indicated her “spirit” and her “conscience” are “free.” “No tyrant can take that away from me,” she added.

“The truth that all Bolivians know is my truth and it is that truth that makes me free,” continued Áñez, who has also assured that her “food” is “the demonstrations of support from those of us who love freedom and democracy “. “I will resist until God gives me strength, I will resist because the fight for the truth is everyone’s fight,” his letter concluded.

The Anti-Corruption Court of La Paz suspended on Thursday the order to open the oral trial for the so-called ‘Coup d’etat II’ case, for which it is accused of having acted against the Constitution and resolutions contrary to the laws for having assumed the Presidency “without complying with the procedures”, according to the Bolivian Prosecutor’s Office.

Áñez, who began her hunger strike on Wednesday, on the eve of the opening of the trial, has open cases against her for the role she played in the 2019 political crisis. She is also accused of terrorism, conspiracy and sedition in the framework of the case ‘Coup d’etat I’.

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